“Driving Innovation!” Forbes interviewed Chroma Chairman and CEO Leo Huang

31 Jul 2019

The industry article “Taiwan: A Bright Future” in the current issue of Forbes Asia (July, 2019) describes the island of Taiwan as strategically positioned between North and Southeast Asia – an international commercial force and as a hub for technological innovation.

Taiwan might be small in landmass, yet is big in international commercial vitality. Where ICT and the semiconductor industry created the Taiwan Miracle, later clean energy, biotechnology, and AIoT also obtained quite a position, and now the market is actively moving towards 5G development. Over the past 40 years, semiconductor ICs followed Moore’s Law with continuously increasing transistor density and electronics components accuracy. Chroma ATE Inc. has broken through the technical bottleneck and conquered its place on the market of measuring equipment. Chroma Group Chairman and CEO Leo Huang was honored to be interviewed by Forbes Asia magazine for this special topic on Taiwan.

Driving innovation to ensure market leadership

Chroma CEO Leo

Chroma ATE is established in Taiwan and offers test & automation turnkey solutions. Along with Taiwan’s technologic and economic growth, from the ICT industry and clean technology to the recent AIoT, Chroma continued to develop precision measuring equipment and, as an electronics doctor, safeguard the performance and quality of the customer’s products. Chroma persistently invests significantly in R&D to ensure products of precision, reliability and uniqueness for technology industries and, over the years, has created more than 100 core technologies and registered almost 900 patents worldwide. Huang explains: “ Our objective is to create value for our customers in solving their headaches, and earn their trust for long-term partnerships.”

As semiconductor ICs rapidly multiply, how does Chroma keep up to speed with innovation in this fast-changing world? The global company continues to seek even further advanced technologies and designs. Chroma collaborates with several of the world’s top universities in order to reach out and connect with the brightest and best brains of the up-and-coming generation. Earlier this year, Chroma acquired a 20% stake in Camtek Ltd. (NASDAQ: CAMT). “We knew how to make AOI (automated optical inspection) machines,” Huang clarifies, “but we weren’t the best at it so we invested in someone who was.” Strategic investment in and joint alliance with this Israeli company allows Chroma to develop groundbreaking technology with AOI testing solutions. “We are always interested in this type of synergetic partnership.” The only way to ensure market leadership is by continuing to drive innovation.

Read the full interview here: https://www.forbes.com/custom/2019/07/15/taiwan-a-bright-future#chroma-ate-driving-innovation