Front Projector ATS Model 7600A

  • 0.001 Lux ultra low illumination display range
  • Comply with ANSI-1997, JBMIA, IEC&SJ/T projector testing standards
  • 29 sets chroma meter & Illuminance meter measuring at the same time, high test throughput
  • Integrated with Video Pattern Generator and one click to complete all measurements
  • Accurate chroma meter with tuned color filters (closely approximates CIE 1931 color matching functions), and cosine correctors
  • User-defined calibration function facilitates the system maintenance
  • Testing criteria storage for various models requirements
  • "Pre-Test" function to edit testing items setting for non-ANSI standard tests
  • Automatic white balance adjustment
  • Auto maximum brightness selection and DC-index compliance with chromaticity specification
  • Complete test items: ANSI Lumens, Light Uniformity, Color Uniformity, Contrast Ratio and Correlated Color Temperature
  • High accuracy measurement:
    • Y: ±2%±1 digit
    • x, y: ±0.002
  • Precise repeatability measurement:
    • Y: ±0.5%±1 digit
    • x, y: ±0.0005
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • User authority control for system management

Chroma 7600A is an automatic test system developed in compliance with ANSI/NAPM IT 7.228-1997 which is defined by American National Standard Institute, JBMIA-ISO21118 (2005.8) which is defined by Japan Business Machine & Information Industry Association, IEC61947-1 (2002) which is defined by International Electrotechnical Commission and SJ/T 11340-2006 (2007.1.1) which is defined by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China to test the front projectors. The chroma meter used in the system is designed with advanced microprocessor and precision optical components along with filters closely approximate to CIE 1931 Color Matching Function and Cosine Correction. It can offer accurate and high-speed illuminant and chromatic measurements performance and quality judgments for LCD, DLP and LCOS projectors.

The software of Chroma 7600A is a WindowTM based control program with comprehensive graphic user interface that can enhance testing efficiency of the projector manufacturers and lower down the test and labor cost. With the integration of video pattern generator of Chroma, the user can complete all the ANSI-1997 testing items, acceptance criteria and file saving with just one click.

To accommodate the diversified needs users may have, Chroma 7600A provides various test results including ANSI Lumens, Light Uniformity, Color Uniformity, Contrast Ratio and Correlated Color Temperature for one's choice. In addition, a flexible formula editing wizard is offered for the user to edit the desired calculation formula. The "Pre-Test" function in the software allows the user viewing the measured values in real time to integrate into the convergence, grayscale tests and VR adjustments etc. before performing ANSI tests. And with the user-defined calibration function Chroma 7600A provides, it is very convenient for the system maintenance which can reduce the calibration cost in the future effectively.

When the performance of illuminance - chrominance has become the key factor for the value of front projector, the chromaticity measurements must comply with more standards and test benchmarks. As the demand of compact, high brightness and resolution display devices is increasing quickly now, the front projector will play a leading role in the near future. Every front projector make is looking for the most cost-effective test solution to keep up with this trend. Such a versatile and easy-to-use instrument like Chroma 7600A must satisfy your intent to win competitive advantages.

  System Architecture


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Front Projector ATS

100 inch, 60 inch, 25 inch
Project ratio: Fixed - 4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10, 3 in 1; - 4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10

Chroma meter (13 points)

Illuminance meter (16 points)

RS232 to UART bridge

USB to I2C bridge

LCD Display

Chroma Series Video Pattern Generators