LVDS Signal Module Model A040207

Supports 1, 2, and 4-link LVDS output at up to 1050Mbps per link. Used with the Chroma 27014, a broad range of resolutions all the way up to 4K@60Hz can be achieved for various test applications.

A040207 supports selection between color depths of 6, 8 and 10 bits for testing. For instance, with a 10-bit color depth, each primary color is divided into 1024 levels (210), allowing for approximately 1.07 billion different colors to be displayed (210R x 210G x 210B).This enables you to customize your inspection application as needed.

By equipping the Chroma 27014 with the A040207 module and operating it through the FPD Master software, you can address disparities between the LVDS physical wiring and the logic signal output by selecting and adjusting various settings. You can choose between JEIDA (Japan Electronic Industry Development Association) and NS (National Semiconductor) modes, vertical and synchronous signal polarity tests, and perform left/right rotation without needing to adjust the physical wiring. With this array of settings and a flexible and fast operating interface, you can easily tailor the test setup to your specific application.

*Example with 10 bits

*REF:Japan Electronic Industry Development Association & National Semiconductor

The FPD Master software's Link Change feature provides a convenient switch for changing physical cable connections and logic content. You can edit the content of Links 1-4 through the software to achieve real-time verification and debugging while saving time spent on rearranging the wiring.

To achieve various kinds of data mapping, the A040207 supports functions for division, arrangement, and combination in multiple LVDS signal modes. You can select between 1, 2, and 4-link mapping and pixel modes such as left/right, odd/even, and more.

Power, signal, and control pins can be individually activated with a minimum editing unit of 1ms. You can set the shutdown timing and the output lead/lag timing for power, signal, and control pins according to your specific requirements.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) damage to electronic products has been an ongoing challenge to address. During regular use, ESD may cause instability and sudden functional anomalies. To avoid damage caused by ESD during IC production, A040207 features IEC/EN 61000-4-2 compliant ESD protection capability (15KV Air / 8KV Contact Discharge) and includes built-in ESD protection circuits, providing complete protection against ESD impact.

The A040207 module is connected to the 27014 mainframe using a locking method that ensures a secure connection and can be easily installed and removed.

A040207 adopts a 2.54mm male box header design, providing versatility and stable connection suitable for general applications.

Applications: panel manufacturers, driver IC design, repair centers, PCB substrate testing, automated test equipment manufacturers, IC reliability testing, demonstration, product verification, etc.

Panel Manufacturer

Driver IC Design

Repair Center

PCB Substrate Testing

Automatic Testing
Equipment Manufacturer

IC Reliability Testing


Product Verification
Full Line of Modules for 27014 Flat Panel Display Tester

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