Single Site Test Handler Model 3210

  • SLT handler
  • Ideal for early device design and engineering validation
  • Compatible kit to scale-up production
  • Small footprint, easy to move
  • ATC Tri-temp -40℃ to 150℃ IC test
  • Optional dual head IC test
  • Contact force up to 450kgf
  • Optional dual force for bare die test
  • Optional liquid submersion system


  • Particularly suitable for
    • AI chips
    • Automotive semiconductors
    • HPC related test
    • Other advanced packaged semiconductors

Chroma Single Site Test Handler 3210 supports various package types such as BGA series, μBGA, QFP series, QFN, Flip- Chip, TSOP, and more. This handler is primarily designed for early device design and engineering validation.

This handler is primarily designed for early device design and engineering validation. With its main focus on System Level Test (SLT), Chroma 3210 is capable of handling a large variety of device types with sizes ranging from 2x2mm to 120x120mm.

In addition to supporting a wide range of chip sizes, the 3210 also supports testing AI chips, automotive semiconductors, and HPC-related IC test with temperature control from -40℃ to 150℃.

The handler's compact size, product versatility, and low cost per test site make it an excellent choice for expanding test applications across your test floor, simplifying the process while also enhancing overall efficiency.

When preparing for mass production and validation, the 3210 is a solid investment in the early stages of product development. With design-in compatibility enabling seamless scaling up of production, Chroma 3210 is a cost-effective and future-proof solution perfect for your IC handling needs.




Single Site Test Handler