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ShortPulsePhotonicsDeviceProbingTestSystem Model58636Series
Short Pulse Photonics Device Probing Test System
Model 58636 Series
  • Nanosecond-scale pulse driving and measurement
  • Drive heterogeneous integration samples like VoS (VCSEL on System), and VoD (VCSEL on Driver) with digital control
  • Patented two-in-one optical head design fetches all LIV (Light-Current-Voltage), wavelength, and near-field optics analysis data in one touchdown
  • Multi-site and multi-die support enhance test efficiency
PhotonicsWaferProbingTestSystem Model58635Series
Photonics Wafer Probing Test System
Model 58635 Series
  • Up to 6" wafer
  • Support both QCW and CW operation
  • LIV test, Near Field test, Far Field test, LIV-λ & NF two-in-one test
ウェーハチップ両面検査システム Model7940
Model 7940
  • 両面同時カラー検査
  • 最大6インチウェーハハンドリング可能(検査エリア8インチ)
  • 自動ウェーハアライメント機能
  • ウェーハ形状/エッジ認識機能
  • 欠陥検出率99%以上