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AdvancedSoC/AnalogTestSystem Model3680
Advanced SoC/Analog Test System
Model 3680
  • 24 interchangeable slots for digital, analog and mixed-signal applications
  • 150 Mbps up to 1Gbps data rate (muxed)
  • Up to 512 sites parallel test
  • Up to 2048 digital I/O pins
AdvancedSoC/AnalogTestSystem Model3650
Advanced SoC/Analog Test System
Model 3650
  • Application coverage: MCU, ADDA/Memory, Controller, PMIC, and all sorts of consumer 
  • Expandable platform with up to 640 channels
  • 50/100 MHz, 200 MHz (MUX) Test Rate
  • Varieties of high density options, ranging from analog, ADDA, mixed-signal, to TIA
SoC/アナログテストシステム Model3650-EX
Model 3650-EX
  • ロジック/アナログ測定機能を自由に組み合わせ
  • 各種デバイスに対応できる最適な半導体テストシステム