As the technology of optoelectronic components is maturing, its applications are broadening as well. Take laser diodes for example, they are no longer limited to communication applications but have expanded into consumer products. Photonics test solutions mainly focus on testing optoelectronic components, such as photodiode, LED, EEL, and VCSEL. They can also apply to configurations from upstream to downstream processes, including wafer, laser bar, bare chip, CoS, and TO-CAN. Chroma's system integration technology uniquely combines automation equipment with precision current sources, temperature controllers, and automated optical measurement instruments to perform an array of electrical, optical power, wavelength, near-field and far-field optics, and other optoelectronic characteristic and aging tests.

Chroma offers precision instruments such as laser drivers, photodetector monitoring, and temperature controllers. These lab class instruments are often integrated into production solutions for wafer probe test, burn-in and device or module characterization then reinforced with inspection, metrology, robotics, Industry 4.0 and more.

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PhotonicsWaferProbingTestSystem Model58635Series
Photonics Wafer Probing Test System
Model 58635 Series
  • Up to 6" wafer
  • Support both QCW and CW operation
  • LIV test, Near Field test, Far Field test, LIV-λ & NF two-in-one test
ウェーハチップ両面検査システム Model7940
Model 7940
  • 両面同時カラー検査
  • 最大6インチウェーハハンドリング可能(検査エリア8インチ)
  • 自動ウェーハアライメント機能
  • ウェーハ形状/エッジ認識機能
  • 欠陥検出率99%以上


PhotonicsModuleTestSystem Model58625
Photonics Module Test System
Model 58625
  • All-in-one test system
  • Flexible test station arrangement
  • Precise temperature control -20~85℃
  • Large beam angle measurement
レーザーダイオードバーンイン&信頼性テストシステム Model58604
  • CE Mark
Model 58604
  • バーンイン、信頼性及び寿命試験に適用可能
  • ACC及びAPC制御モード
  • 個々のチャネルの駆動と測定
  • チャンネルあたり500mA電流を駆動
  • 125℃までの正確な温度制御
  • 個々のモジュール動作
HighPowerLaserDiodeBurn-InandReliabilityTestSystem Model58605
High Power Laser Diode Burn-In and Reliability Test System
Model 58605
  • Burn-in, reliability and life test
  • ACC and APC control modes
  • Independent channel for source and measurement
  • Spike-Free sourcing
  • Up to 6000 mA per channel and pulsing
PhotodiodeBurn-inandReliabilityTestSystem Model58606
Photodiode Burn-in and Reliability Test System
Model 58606
  • Burn-in, reliability and life test
  • Dark Current and Breakdown Voltage
  • 256 channels Bi-polar device source per drawer
  • High bias source to 80 volts
レーザーダイオード特性評価システム Model58620
Model 58620
  • 端面発光レーザーダイオードのフルターンキーテストシステム
  • 他のレーザーダイオード試験器と互換性を持つ大容量キャリア
  • ファイバ結合試験用のオートアライメント機能搭載
TO-CAN/CoCBurninテストシステム Model58603
TO-CAN/CoC Burn inテストシステム
Model 58603
  • Burn inテスト、信頼性テスト、ライフテストを提供
  • 各システムは最大10個のモジュールテストを提供
  • 自動電流制御モード(ACC)と自動電力制御モード(APC)に対応