Tri-Temp Octal Sites Handler 3160-C

  • CE Mark
  • Taiwan Excellence 2018
  • Advance thermal technology (Nitro TEC)
  • Faster index time 0.6 sec
  • Active thermal control and full range temperature
  • Chamber less design
  • Support multiple sites
    • Single site (option)
    • Dual sites: 1 x 2 (80 mm)
    • Quad sites: 1 x 4 (40 mm); 2 x 2 (80 x 60 mm)
    • Octal sites: 2 x 4 (40 x 60 mm) (option)
  • Simple, quick kit changeover

 Nitro TEC Thermal Technology

CHROMA releases new thermal solution "Nitro-TEC thermal technology" which is a combination of Nitrogen and TEC control system. Comparing to traditional LN2 cooling system, Nitro-TEC thermal technology brings the following advantages to user:

  • ATC control system with better temperature accuracy during testing
  • Allows customer switch Hot and Cold temperature test quickly
  • Soaking room with liquid nitrogen to pre-cool device efficiently
  • Shorten the down time, when maintaining handler or exchanging kits
  • Less LN2 consumption

Chroma 3160-C Handler is productive pick & place system for high volume multi-site IC testing. It is capable of handling various package types of device and supports Single, Dual or Quad test sites. The reliable handling mechanism and functionality outfit leads to high throughput and low jam rate. Chroma 3160-C can increase production productivity and efficiency and shorten the time of exchanging kits. The system come with Active Thermal Control (ATC) System to test the DUT -55°C to 150°C.

▲ Auto Tray Load / Unload

▲ Pre-Soak

▲ Test Head

▲ Rotator

▲ Defrost

▲ Programmable Probe




Tri-Temp Octal Sites Handler