Chroma Products Honored with 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award

24 Nov 2022

Chroma's Bidirectional DC Power Supply and 2D Color Analyzer have been honored with the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award. Organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, every year candidates for this award are subjected to a rigorous selection process that covers R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing. Products that excel in these areas and offer “Innovative Value” receive the award to serve as exemplars for the industry.

Chroma 62000D Series Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supplies provide both power source and load characteristics, two quadrant operation, and allow power from the DUT to be fed back to the grid with a conversion efficiency of up to 93%. The product's high power density design provides as much as 18kW in an only 3U high unit. Compared with traditional power supply and load, the 62000D two-in-one bidirectional DC power supply saves space, minimizes energy loss and heat dissipation, and is easier to wire and configure. The instrument is suitable for testing renewable energy power systems such as hybrid PV inverters as well as a wide range of bidirectional power conditioning systems (PCS), and can also be used as a battery simulator. 62000D has applications in testing power components in EVs as well as BOBC, D2D, and motor drivers and can perform power conversion simulation tests of lithium-ion batteries in both charge and discharge directions. Sporting a cutting-edge control interface with an intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen, operating the Chroma 62000D is as easy as using a smartphone.

Chroma 71803-3 2D Color Analyzer is equipped with a high-resolution scientific grade camera, and uses thermoelectrically cooled CMOS with precision optical components and circuit design to provide accurate, fast and highly repeatable measurements. Combined with the CIE matching and ND filters, the analyzer produces measurement results that closely correspond with real human perception, suitable for measuring the chromaticity, luminance, contrast, uniformity and correlated color temperature (CCT) of various kinds of displays. The included software can obtain the chrominance and luminance of each point independently, detect abnormalities in each light emitting element such as defects, color difference, and color cast, and also supports measurement of the DUT's uniformity and contrast. After the DUT's image has been captured, it can be analyzed for various items in user-specified regions of interest.


62000D Series Bidirectional DC Power Supply


Chroma 71803-3 2D Color Analyzer