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Along the rapid development of technologies like 5G and AIoT, semiconductor devices now contain ever more functionalities, using "system in a package" and "heterogeneous integrated package" methods to run at higher speed with more connection pins. Chroma's semiconductor test solutions address all the needs of SoC by offering various specific functions, such as high-speed digital testing, high performance power source, high fidelity and low noise mixed signal testing, CMOS image sensor testing, as well as true wireless stereo and radio frequency testing. Chroma has also developed series of PXIe instruments and software, leveraging the benefits of PXIe's size and flexibility to drive all your semiconductor innovations.


VLSI測試系統 Model3380P
VLSI 測試系統
Model 3380P
  • 50/100 MHz測試頻率、50/100 Mbps數據速率
  • 512數字通道管腳 (最高可至 576數字通道管腳)
  • 並行測試可達512 sites同測數
  • 多樣彈性VI電源
VLSI測試系統 Model3380D
VLSI 測試系統
Model 3380D
  • 50/100 MHz測試頻率、50/100 Mbps數據速率
  • 256數字通道管腳
  • 並行測試可達256 sites同測數
  • 多樣彈性VI電源
VLSI測試系統 Model3380
VLSI 測試系統
Model 3380
  • 50/100 MHz測試頻率、50/100 Mbps數據速率
  • 1024 I數字通道管腳 (最高1280 數字通道管腳)
  • 高達1024 sites並行測試
HighVoltageDevicePowerSupply Model33021
  • PXI Systems Alliance
High Voltage Device Power Supply
Model 33021
  • Max. 48V DC output with 2 channels per card
UniversalRelayDriverControl Model33011
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Universal Relay Driver Control
Model 33011
  • PXIe based universal relay control
  • 32CH direct relay drivers
  • 2 lanes of SPI relay control interface
HighSpeedPXIeDigitalIOCard Model33010
  • PXI Systems Alliance
High Speed PXIe Digital IO Card
Model 33010
  • Standard PXIe bus connector
  • 100MHz maximum clock rate
  • 32 channels per board