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Chroma's IC test and handler solutions assure that the IC packaging meets the original design specifications and verify the performance of the IC before it is assembled in the electronic product. The pick-and-place IC handler can be used in the system-level test and final test for all sorts of ICs. Working with a tri-temp controller enables simulation of use in a harsh environment under extremely low and high temperatures. Combined with various automated designs, Chroma's IC handler can meet all your testing needs. Chroma Virtual Operation Tools can remotely monitor the test process, predict the handler's test efficiency through big data, and improve your product's test yield.

IC測試分類機 (IC Test Handler)

SingleSiteTestHandler Model3210
Single Site Test Handler
Model 3210
  • SLT handler 
  • Ideal for early device design and engineering validation
  • Compatible kit to scale-up production
  • ATC Tri-temp -40℃ to 150℃ IC test
雙用單站測試分類機 Model3110
Model 3110
  • FT and SLT compatible handler 
  • Compatible kit to scale-up production
  • ATC Tri-temp -40 to 150 ℃ IC test (Optional -55 to 150℃ , -70 to 150℃)
  • Auto tray loading/unloading and device sorting capability
三溫測試分類機 Model3110-FT
  • CE Mark
Model 3110-FT
  • Temperature Test from -40~125℃
  • Final Test or System Level Test
  • 3x3mm~45x45mm Package
桌上型單站測試分類機 Model3111
  • CE Mark
Model 3111
  • 桌上型設計僅占較小空間
  • 可放置兩個JEDEC料盤
  • 支援5x5mm到45x45mm晶片尺寸
  • 可由軟體介面設定分類數
  • 測試頭內建氣室,可吸收及減緩下壓觸力衝擊
無線射頻分類機 Model3240-Q
Model 3240-Q
晶片測試分類機 Model3112
Model 3112
三溫終端測試分類機 3160-C
  • CE Mark
  • Taiwan Excellence 2018
  • 先進的溫控技術(Nitro-TEC 氮氣溫度控制器)
  • 更快的Index Time(0.6 sec)
  • 主動式溫度控制並且提供更全面的測試溫度區間
  • Chamber Less的設計
  • 支持更多樣化測試Sites的選擇(1/2/4 sites)
八站邏輯測試分類機 Model3180
  • CE Mark
Model 3180
  • 具有八個平行測試站點
  • 9Kpcs產能
  • 溫度測試範圍從常溫到高溫150℃
三溫系統板測試分類機 Model3260C
Model 3260C
  • 高速可靠Pick&Place分類機
  • 同步吸嘴雙取與雙放設計
  • IC殘留檢測功能、通用治具設計
  • Nitro TEC主動式溫控技術導入
  • 更快速的升降溫反應速度
自動化系統功能測試機 Model3240
Model 3240
  • 4-sites
  • 可供多組PCB level平行測試的大量生產機具
自動化系統功能測試機 Model3260
Model 3260
  • 6-sites
  • 可供多組PCB level平行測試的大量生產機具
微型IC測試分類機 Model3270
Model 3270
適合CMOS 影像感應元件 (CMOS Image Sensor, CIS)量產所需
TemperatureForcingSystem Model31000RSeries
Temperature Forcing System
Model 31000R Series
  • -70°C to 150°C temperature range
  • Cost competitive
  • Compact footprint
  • Semi-automation
  • Liquid-free Operation