Chroma ATE
Sustainable Power Testing
From Waste to Watts
In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount,
power testing emerges as a linchpin in shaping a greener future.
The quest to reduce energy waste is not merely a technological pursuit
but a commitment to advancing excellence and environmental stewardship.


The Challenge of Energy Dissipation

Traditionally, energy dissipated in testing cycles was often deemed irretrievable, contributing to inefficiencies and wastage. The solution to this challenge lies in the ability to recycle energy. For instance, an 11kW on-board charger (OBC) requires 1,000 hours of reliability testing, meaning 11,000kWh is wasted during the testing process, which equals nearly one year of electricity usage for a single household. But with Chroma’s regenerative test solutions, consumed energy can be efficiently redirected into the power grid, saving a grand total of 10,230kWh or 3.95 tons of carbon emissions.


Elevate Your Energy Efficiency with Chroma Test Solutions

63700 Series
Regenerative DC Electronic Load
Energy recycling up to 93%

63800R Series
Regenerative AC Electronic Load
Energy recycling up to 89%

Understanding the principles of energy circularity is crucial in this journey. Chroma's 63700 and 63800R series of DC and AC electronic loads stand as beacons of innovation. These solutions embrace the future by recycling up to 93% and 89% of energy, respectively. While aligning seamlessly with global sustainability goals, our solutions also ensure precision in voltage and current measurements.

Join us on the path to your next energy breakthrough. Visit our product pages to delve deeper into the world of power test solutions. Be part of the revolution that leads to a sustainable and efficient tomorrow, where every breakthrough is powered by Chroma's commitment to advancing excellence in power testing.