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Insulation Tester

BatteryCellInsulationTester Model11210
Battery Cell Insulation Tester
Model 11210
  • Test voltage: up to 1KV(dc)
  • Charge current: 50mA max. 
  • Wide range of Leakage Current (LC) measurement (1pA ~ 20mA)
  • Automatic test with sequence: charge-dwell-measure-discharge
CapacitorLeakageCurrent/IRMeter(CLC/IRMeter) Model11200
  • CE Mark
Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter (CLC/IR Meter)
Model 11200
  • DC voltage: 1.0V~650V / 800V
  • Charge current: 0.5mA~500mA
  • Leakage current measurement: 0.001uA~20.00mA
  • Standard RS-232 I/F, optional GPIB & Handler I/F