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Automatic Test System (ATS)

InductorTest&PackingMachine Model1870DSeries
  • CE Mark
Inductor Test & Packing Machine
Model 1870D Series
  • Automated Production for Power Inductors
  • Test and packing speeds from 80ppm to 1,200ppm
InductorLayerShortATS  Model1871
  • CE Mark
Inductor Layer Short ATS 
Model 1871
Test and packing speeds from 600ppm to 1500ppm
MedicalElectricalSafetyATS Model8910
  • CE Mark
Medical Electrical Safety ATS
Model 8910
  • Support electrical safety test and function test scanning
  • Support customize function test (option)
  • Open architecture software 
HighCapacitanceElectrolyticCapacitorATS Model1911
High Capacitance Electrolytic Capacitor ATS
Model 1911
  • Test parameter LC/C/D
  • Test 8 electrolytic capacitors
  • Constant current for test leakage current
ElectricalEquipmentATS Model8900
  • CE Mark
Electrical Equipment ATS
Model 8900
  • Open architecture software
  • Expandable hardware