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PCS Test Solution

PowerConversionSystem(PCS)ATS Model8000
Power Conversion System (PCS) ATS
Model 8000
Power Conversion Systems (PCS) are devices connected between the battery system and the grid to achieve bidirectional energy conversion. The Chroma 8000 ATS is a customizable system designed specifically for automated testing and verification of PCS. With the 8000 ATS as a base and equipped with the Chroma 61800, 62000D, and 17040 grid/battery simulators and measurement instruments, this versatile platform can perform PCS grid-connected testing, PCS performance testing, PCS output/input characteristic testing, PCS protection characteristic testing, and photovoltaic characteristic testing. These tests meet the preliminary testing requirements of IEC62933, Chinese national standards GB/T34120 and GB/T34133, Korean standard SGSF-04-2012-07, and the German low-voltage grid connection standard VDE-AR-N 4105. Users only need to confirm the required test conditions and specifications, and the optimized PCS ATS is ready to perform automated PCS testing.