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Assembly & Test Automation Solutions

BatteryCellFormationSystem Model17000Series
Battery Cell Formation System
Model 17000 Series
  • Saving Charging Power (BVT/Switching)
  • Energy Recycle (ERM/Switching)
  • N+1 Redundant DC Power
InductorTest&PackingMachine Model1870DSeries
  • CE Mark
Inductor Test & Packing Machine
Model 1870D Series
  • Automated Production for Power Inductors
  • Test and packing speeds from 80ppm to 1,200ppm
ManufacturingExecutionSystems(MES) Model98019
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Model 98019
  • Experienced Experts
  • Advanced Technology
  • Customized Requirement
  • Easy for Management
SmartConveyor  Model5703
Smart Conveyor 
Model 5703
  • Modular architecture
  • Hybrid Operating mode
  • Reconfigurable line layout
  • Intelligent lifter
  • High speed pick and place
  • Autonomous material routing
SolarCellInspectionTest/SortingSystem Model3760
Solar Cell Inspection Test/Sorting System
Model 3760
  • Good for 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon cells
  • Inline structure un-loader together with firing furnace including cells position pre-capture CCD and Bernoulli Arm picking up cells to conveyor speedy
  • Flexible design of buffer loader to support engineer/operator during production maintenance period no matter frontend or backend side
FPDTester Model27014
FPD Tester
Model 27014
  • Modular Interface Design 
  • eDP1.4 Signal Module
  • Highly Accurate Programmable Power
  • EDID / Scrolling Pattern / Bitmap File Pattern
MiniatureICHandler  Model3270
Miniature IC Handler 
Model 3270
Innovative handler for high volume/multisite miniature IC testing, especially for CIS Testing (CMOS Image Sensor), at system level.