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Passive Component ATS

InductorBiasCurrentAutomaticTestMachine Model1871B
Inductor Bias Current Automatic Test Machine
Model 1871B
  • Choose between 2 or 5 test stations
  • Test fixture with high current withstand(>20A) 
  • Test frequencies (5 stations): 600 ~1200 (ppm)
  • Proprietary data collection software
InductorTest&PackingMachine Model1870DSeries
  • CE Mark
Inductor Test & Packing Machine
Model 1870D Series
  • Automated Production for Power Inductors
  • Test and packing speeds from 80ppm to 1,200ppm
InductorLayerShortATS  Model1871
  • CE Mark
Inductor Layer Short ATS 
Model 1871
Test and packing speeds from 600ppm to 1500ppm
MagneticComponentTestSystem Model1810
Magnetic Component Test System
Model 1810
  • Test frequency: 20kHz~1MHz
  • Multiple modules for different voltage and current output
  • DC bias current: up to 60A
  • Windows based software for electrical characteristic analysis
ComponentAutomaticTestSystem Model8800
  • CE Mark
Component Automatic Test System
Model 8800
  • Support instruments with GPIB, RS-232, or RS-485 I/F
  • Windows based software with open architecture
  • Test items and test programs editable by users
  • Comprehensive analyzing tools for report generating
ElectricalDoubleLayerCapacitorATS(EDLCATS) Model8801
Electrical Double Layer Capacitor ATS (EDLC ATS)
Model 8801
  • Measurement function: C, IR, and ESR
  • 10ch scanner for reducing test time
  • Windows based software with open architecture
EDLCLCMonitoringSystem Model8802
EDLC LC Monitoring System
Model 8802
  • Modular design with 20ch leakage current monitoring boxes
  • Up to 200ch with 10 boxes per system
  • Windows based software for controlling multiple systems
CapacitorTestSystem Model1820
Capacitor Test System
Model 1820
  • High frequency sine wave current: 1kHz~20kHz, 10kHz~200kHz
  • DC bias voltage: 5000V max.
  • Capacitor endurance & temperature rising test
  • Capacitor withstanding current test (frequency sweep)
  • Support with software control
  • Customized test module