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Color Analyzer

2DColorAnalyzer Model71803Series
  • Taiwan Excellence 2023
2D Color Analyzer
Model 71803 Series
  • CIE-matched filter and ND filters
  • 12-bit high-resolution sensor
  • Automatic regions of interest (ROI)
  • Chromaticity/Luminance/Contrast/Uniformity/Correlated Color Temperature
SmallSizeMeasuringProbe Model71242
Small Size Measuring Probe
Model 71242
  • Small measurement aperture for 10mm
  • Measures brightness and chromaticity of color displays
  • Low luminance measurement function of 0.001cd/m2
  • High precision measurement of≤ ±0.002(> 0.1 cd/m2
HighAccuracyUniversalMeasuringProbe Model71241
  • CE Mark
  • Taiwan Excellence 2022
High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe
Model 71241
  • Luminance and chromaticity measurement of color display
  • Low luminance measurement: 0.001 cd/m2 
  • High accuracy measurement: ≤ ±0.002 (> 0.1 cd/m2)
  • Supports FMA and FLVL for flicker measurements
DisplayColorAnalyzer Model7123
  • CE Mark
Display Color Analyzer
Model 7123
  • Luminance and chromaticity measurement of Color Display
  • 0.005 cd/m2 low luminance measurement (A712301)
  • Wide luminance range
  • High accuracy measurement
FlickerMeasuringProbeforLCMATS ModelA712306
Flicker Measuring Probe for LCM ATS
Model A712306
  • Able to integrate with LCM ATS for LCM auto flicker adjustment
  • Capable of integrating Chroma 29XX Series LCM Auto Test System
  • Support FMA and FLVL flicker measurement mode