HALT & HASS Highly Accelerated Life Testing Service

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly identify operational constraints in design and production
  • Evaluate improved design margins
  • Provides statistical information
  • Enhances product reliability
  • Reduces time spent on product development
  • Reduces cost
  • Provides engineering technology for evaluating product changes

Highly Accelerated Life Test is a program optimization tool designed for product designers with no predetermined limitations. The unique three-layer structure of the new workbench reduces heat buildup, which in turn greatly improves dynamic response.

Applying HALT & HASS test methods is a powerful way to improve product reliability, reduce warranty costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. HALT is generally used in the product design phase while HASS is used in the production phase. Using HALT & HASS technology, products are subjected to extreme stress testing to speed up the detection of defects. The failures that occur under long-time low stress testing are the same as those found under short-time high stress testing and are equally representative.

The combination of temperature cycling and multi-axis vibration can quickly expose process problems and design weaknesses. Unlike design verification testing (DVT), the main point of which is to test what the product can do, HALT & HASS technology uses stress testing to quickly discover defects in the product. Its key value lies in the ability to find defects and the speed with which it detects them. Screening out the hidden flaws in product design and manufacturing now can help companies avoid costly warranty and reliability issues in the future.

HALT Stress Test Procedure
Chroma ATE Highly Accelerated Life Test Center

The Chroma Highly Accelerated Life Test Center not only provides highly reliable testing facilities, but also expert HALT & HASS consultation. In our test center, you need only spend a few hours or days to find defects that would otherwise be discovered weeks or months after the product is released, which could lead to increased after-sales service costs, customer dissatisfaction, and ultimately, significant financial loss. The Chroma Highly Accelerated Life Test Center provides customers with the fastest and most advanced testing services available. All testing processes are monitored by veteran engineers with extensive experience in testing applications. The test center is currently equipped with the state-of-the-art Qualmark Typhoon 4.0+ and Qualmark OVS 4.0 systems. Backed by decades of field experience and industry-leading technology, Chroma's solutions are poised to meet all your highly accelerated life testing and stress screening needs.

Primary test area
  • Semiconductors
  • Loudspeakers
  • Motorized components
  • Internet and server equipment
  • Desktop PC
  • Fiber optics equipment
  • Video processing equipment
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • LCD displays
  • Notebooks
  • Power supplies and Inverters
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Hand-held measuring equipment
  • Network switches
  • Automotive electronics
  • Medical equipment
HALT & HASS Test Delivery Process
Chroma HALT & HASS Test Lab Contact Information

Service hotline: +886-(03)-327-9688

Service representative: Jerry Fan
Tel: +886-(03)-327-9999 ext#31238 | E-mailjerry.fan@chroma.com.tw

Lab representative: Allen Cheng
Tel: +886-(03)-327-9999 ext#10052 | E-mailan.liang@chroma.com.tw

Fax: +886-(03)-327-3922
Address: No. 88 Wenmao Road, Guishan District, Taoyuan City 333001, Taiwan

Technical documentation
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