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20 Oct 2021

One for Three! All-new 1U DC Power Supply with 3-channel Output

Chroma ATE launches the 62000E series of 1U DC power supplies with 3-channel output. This brand new addition to Chroma's line of power supplies adopts full digital circuit control and high-power SiC MOSFET power devices as well as high-speed stability, hi


26 Aug 2021

Chroma Invites You to Explore Virtual Chroma Online Exhibition

Chroma proudly presents Virtual Chroma, our first online 3D exhibition. Tour a variety of cutting-edge test applications, enjoy a 360° view of the products, and even chat with Chroma online. Everything is just a click and drag away. Discover the latest te


30 Jul 2021

Chroma 8610 Battery Pack HIL Simulation for EV Safety

Along the recent substantial growth in the sales of electric vehicles, a number of spontaneous fire and explosion incidents have also been reported around the world. Automakers spend plenty of manpower to verify the battery packs, but this obviously is li


07 Jul 2021

Chroma 61500 AC Source Provides Immunity Testing for Aircraft Electronics

Aviation technology is steadily advancing towards UAV and hybrid types of aircraft. A critical role for proper operation of the aircraft is the stability of the electronics system, regardless the type of aircraft.


06 Jul 2021

Fuel Cell Simulation Improves Test Efficiency to Meet Hot Demand for Hydrogen Energy

The hydrogen energy industry has earned its place in the spotlight of renewable energy transition besides lithium batteries, solar power, and wind power.


02 Jul 2021

Chroma ATE Launches New DisplayHDR Test Equipment

DisplayHDR is a test specification set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for the display industry. Providing a complete set of test methods and technical indicators, the performance levels cover LCD screens ranging from entry point HDR


14 May 2021

Chroma Sajet MES Integrated in Wafer Works Corp. Factory

Due to the prevailing use of automotive chips in recent years, their relevant safety regulations have become more stringent. An MES system can play a crucial role in managing and controlling the production process; especially in the semiconductor industry


13 May 2021

[Tech Review] Prevent Li-ion Batteries from Catching Fire with Correct Jelly Roll Insulation Test

The continuous increase in energy demand as well as improved performance are simulating the rapid maturing of lithium-ion batteries in large energy applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and various renewable energy storage systems (ESS).


12 May 2021

Major Taiwanese EV Power Supply Manufacturer Adopts Chroma's HIL Testbed

With the maturity of advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) technology, the proportion of electronic and electrical systems applied to the automotive field is gradually increasing, as is their impact on its safety.


28 Apr 2021

Power Conversion System for ESS - New Test Guide Free Download

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power often have unstable and intermittent power supply that affects the power grid frequency and voltage. Setting up an ESS (energy storage system) can help smoothen the energy input and increase the grid c