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02 Jul 2024

Chroma Unveils Next-Generation Bidirectional DC Power Supplies: 45kW @ 4U High Power Density and 8x Wide-Range Output

Chroma is excited to announce the release of its next-generation bidirectional DC power supply, model 62450D-2000HL, delivering gamechanging single-unit power density of 45kW in a 4U high form factor. In an industry-first, the 62450D-2000HL enables one-ke


25 Jun 2024

Chroma's New HDRF2 Test Board Solves RF Testing Challenges to Unleash Semiconductor Chip Potential

Chroma ATE introduces the latest RF testing board, the HDRF2, specifically designed for RF testing of semiconductor chips. As an optional module for the Chroma 3680 Advanced SoC Test System, the HDRF2 meets the needs of various fields such as IoT and Broa


24 Jun 2024

Chroma ATE to Showcase AI Semiconductor Test Solutions at SEMICON WEST 2024

Behind Every SEMICONDUCTOR Breakthrough


23 Jun 2024

Chroma ATE and Innovative Nanotech Showcase Advanced Test Technology at SEMICON WEST 2024

Behind Every PARAMETRIC TEST Breakthrough


21 Jun 2024

Chroma ATE Excels in Latest FTSE Russell ESG Assessment

On June 21, 2024, global index leader FTSE Russell announced its latest ESG Scores. Chroma ATE achieved an impressive total score of 4.1 out of 5, an increase of 0.8 points from 2023.


19 Jun 2024

【Webinar】Reliability Testing and Burn-in Optimization for Semiconductor Lasers and Optoelectronics

In this webinar, you'll learn about the methodology for reliability qualification and optimizing burn-in. You'll also learn about the range of reliability and burn-in hardware on the market, and newly-available reliability-test-as-a-service options.


17 Jun 2024

Bidirectional DC Power Supplies Get Wider Operating Range; Targets EV Components and PV Inverters

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to several models within our 62000D series of bidirectional DC power supplies. We have increased the operating current from 40A to 55A, a remarkable 37% improvement. This upgrade, along with a correspond


22 May 2024

From BMS to Battery Pack: The Importance of Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Systems

From power output to driving range, the performance of electric vehicles (EVs) heavily relies on the ability to charge and discharge their battery packs. As one of the most crucial EV components, battery packs must meet the highest standards of integrity


17 May 2024

Chroma 17091 Battery Test Monitoring System (BTMS) Enhances Lab Equipment Usability and Test Efficiency

Battery testing often involves spending substantial amounts of time verifying battery stability and performance. Testing personnel need to regularly inspect the testing progress on-site and take appropriate actions when necessary.


29 Apr 2024

Chroma NACS Test Platform: Empowering EVSE Manufacturers to Scale Up Production

Back in 2022, Tesla made its Tesla Proprietary Connector (TPC) charging specifications public. At the end of 2023, SAE International released its Technical Information Report on the North American Charging Standard (NACS), standardizing the TPC charging i