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27 Sep 2022

Chroma's New Battery Simulators Validate EV Devices in Real Time

Chroma battery simulator can validate device functions in real time safely and in a more repetitive and predictable routine by eliminating the need for actual batteries.


12 Sep 2022

Chroma Showcases Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Measurement Technology at SEMICON TAIWAN 2022

Chroma is participating in SEMICON TAIWAN 2022! At our booth, we will showcase our state-of-the-art semiconductor test and measurement solutions, and provide visitors a novel and exciting opportunity to experience our high-precision SoC test systems throu


02 Sep 2022

New Webinar: The Better Insulation Test for Lithium-ion Battery Cell

This webinar will focus on explaining the root causes of lithium-ion battery fires and how to prevent internal short circuits through LIB cell insulation testing with Chroma 11210.


01 Sep 2022

Chroma's Leo Huang Ranked 22nd among Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs in Taiwan

On August 31, Chroma founder and CEO Leo Huang was awarded the #22 ranking in Harvard Business Review's Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs in Taiwan 2022.


12 Jul 2022

Are you looking for a test solution for lithium batteries with ultra-low DC internal resistance?

Internal resistance is a key parameter that determines the power capability, energy efficiency and heat generation of lithium-ion batteries. It is also an important indicator of the state of health (SoH) of the batteries, which affects the acceleration, f


11 Jul 2022

Chroma ATE Germany Assists NTHU EV Racing Team to Compete with the Best in Europe

International automakers are introducing new electric vehicle (EV) concepts designed for high efficiency, high range, lightweight, and even driverless applications. In addition to general passenger cars, this boom also extends to student EV formula racing


30 Jun 2022

Electronic test instrumentation maker Chroma ATE invests in EV manufacturer Gaius Automotive

The tie-up helps move the world closer to a net-zero carbon future


22 Jun 2022

Five Technical Challenges for Battery Pack End-of-Line Test Stations

These test phases and systems shown above have created several technical and logistic challenges. Based on the years of experience in assisting the OEM customers globally in testing battery modules and packs, Chroma ATE has revealed the top five challenge


13 Jun 2022

Chroma's High Power EVSE Production Line Test Helps to Build Low-Carbon Sustainable Cities

Electric vehicles play an indispensable role in building low-carbon sustainable cities. With EV sales growing and specifications constantly improving, EVSE manufacturers are scaling up their fast-charging facilities to meet future market demand.


23 May 2022

Prevent Li-ion Batteries from Catching Fire with Correct Jelly Roll Insulation Test

Most fire accidents in various products using lithium-ion batteries, including electric vehicles, occur while charging. The main reason for this is that the negative electrode material (graphite or mixed silicon) continues to inflate (Figure 1) after repe