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  • CE Mark
Laser Diode Burn-in and Reliability Test System
Model 58604
  • Applicable for burn-in, reliability andlife testing
  • ACC and APC control modes
  • Individual channel driving and measurement. Driving current 500mA per channel and up
  • Precise temperature control up to 125 ℃
  • Individual module operation
Laser Diode Characterization System
Model 58620
  • Full turnkey automated test for edge-emitting laser diodes
  • High precision and large capacity carrier, interchangeable with other automated equipment
  • Fully automated alignment for fiber-coupled tests
Laser Diode Reliability, Burn-In and Life-Test System
Model 58602
  • Burn-In, Reliability and Life Testing
  • Up to 4608 Channels
  • Up to 20A per device
TO-CAN Package Inspection System
Model 7925
  • It can inspect lens scratch, crack, particle and metal cap defect of TO-CAN package
  • Defect criteria editor for versatile pass/fail criteria setting
  • Throughput is higher than UPH 3600