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EV Wireless Power Transfer ATS
Model 8000
  • Specifically designed for EV Wireless
  • Power Transfer (WPT) verification Comprised of Chroma 8000 ATS & WPT testing platform
Battery Pack Integrated Testbed 
Model 8610
  • Support via ASAM XIL and ASAM XIL-MA
  • Extensive modular hardware 
  • Support CAN, CAN FD, and LIN communication interfaces
  • Independent PLC real-time monitoring
  • CE Mark
Electric Vehicle AC Charging Compatibility ATS
Model 8000
  • Based on the requirements of different regulations to simulate EVSE for testing if electric vehicle can do accurate action or response appropriately when the signal contains error.
  • Testing response action of electric vehicle for EVSE transmission signal limit value in regulation to make sure the compatibility of miscellaneous EVSE.
  • CE Mark
EV OBC/DC-DC Converter ATS
Model 8000
  • Apply for different UUT characteristics
  • Integrated connecting panel
  • Exclusive test items
  • CE Mark
HCU/DC-DC Converter ATS
Model 8000
  • Customized system for hybrid controller unit and DC-DC converter testing.
  • Microsoft word based evaluation report or UUT characterization
  • CE Mark
Electrical Equipment ATS
Model 8900
  • Open architecture software
  • Expandable hardware