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Battery Management System Test System

EVBMSFunctionalVerificationAutomatedTestSystem Model8700
EV BMS Functional Verification Automated Test System
Model 8700
  • Specialized automated test system for functional verification of EV battery management systems (BMS)
  • Provides test items for BMS with master-slave architecture
  • Supports various BMS communication protocols, such as CANbus, CANFD, LINbus, and more
16CHBatteryCellSimulator Model87001
  • CE Mark
  • Rohs 2 Compliant
16CH Battery Cell Simulator
Model 87001
  • Operating mode: CC/CP
  • Channel power: 25W, Channel voltage: 5V, Channel current: 5A (parallelable)
  • Bidirectional power supply design
  • 480-cell battery pack voltage simulation ability (240 cells in series and 2 cells in parallel)
BMSPowerHILTestbed Model8630
BMS Power HIL Testbed
Model 8630
  • Integrated Fault Injection Unit for comprehensive ISO26262
  • Up to 1200V/600A battery module simulation voltage and current, actual verification and calibration of SOC, SOH and other BMS parameters
  • Test BMS protection mechanisms for OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP or UTP under static or dynamic conditions
  • Supports CAN, CAN FD, LIN interfaces