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Li-ion Battery Cell Reliability Test

Li-BatteryCycleTestAutomationSystem Model5603-K001
Li-Battery Cycle Test Automation System
Model 5603-K001
  • 64-channel semi-automatic test system for soft-packing lithium batteries
  • For charge/discharge, DCIR, and OCV testing
  • High-precision current, voltage, power, electric charge, energy, resistance measurements
  • For use in product development of lithium batteries
BatteryReliabilityTestSystem Model17010
  • CE Mark
Battery Reliability Test System
Model 17010
  • High accuracy output and measurement up to ±0.01% of F.S.
  • Fast current response up to <100μS
  • High sampling rate (10mS)
  • High single point transient sampling rate (1mS)
  • Integrating up to 96 channels
  • Channel parallel output up to 1200A
BatteryReliabilityTestSystem Model17010H
  • CE Mark
Battery Reliability Test System
Model 17010H
  • High accuracy ±0.015% of F.S.
  • High precision ±0.005% of F.S.
  • Multiple current range 300A/150A/30A
  • Charge and discharge with zero crossover time
  • 200% pulse current
  • Level 2 V. Protection