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Your Near-Eye Display Solutions

In today's innovation-driven near-eye display (NED) market, comprising technologies like augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, success hinges on delivering exceptional quality experiences. As leaders in the VR/AR/MR industries continue advancing display resolutions, field-of-view, and more, stringent validation is essential. Chroma's solutions set a new standard for detecting microscopic defects that can impact display, ensuring NEDs meet the rigorous quality standards demanded by this high-precision, rapidly evolving industry.

Automation Solutions to Revolutionize NED Technology

NED technology has revolutionized the interaction between users, digital content, and the real/virtual world. The last few years have witnessed an influx of innovative eye-tracking and user-monitoring applications, reflecting the boosting testing needs to ensure realizing the innovation in the market.

In response to the growing market demands, our 5742 series functions as an all-encompassing automated integration system for WaveGuide, Eyepiece, Projector, and assembly. We empower the NED industry by incorporating automation solutions such as Auto Alignment, Auto Load and Unload, Auto Contact, and Auto Prescriptive Compensation. Complementing these features, we apply patented optical technology to achieve precise Image Quality Test (IQT).

On the other hand, our Colorimeter, the 79670 series, caters to a wide array of usage, including lens and projector configurations alongside IQT. It integrates an Optical Measurement Module (OMM) for precise automation alignment and tailors algorithms to fulfill diverse requirements for optimal imaging. This includes the ability to pair with various software metrics like luminance uniformity, MTF, contrast, FOV, distortion, and rotation degree testing. This alignment process is designed to simulate corrected vision for conditions such as astigmatism, myopia (near-sightedness), and hypermetropia (far-sightedness). Moreover, our 6-axis robot thoroughly analyzes see-through smart glass from multiple viewing angles and eye box positions, generating a comprehensive visual quality map for users. Chroma ensures NEDs meet the highest quality standards through comprehensive testing that delivers results within tight tolerances. This adaptability streamlines integration into any production line.

Partnering for Success

Beyond equipment, our expertise and consultative approach help innovators maximize testing insights. We work with customers to determine the optical validation methodologies to support their NED technology development and drive future innovations.

With Chroma, you gain an experienced partner committed to the evolving optics industry. Our comprehensive and customizable solutions support the entire process from early R&D to high-volume manufacturing scale.

To learn how Chroma can enhance your testing and production processes through automation and expert guidance with our 5742 and 79670 series, contact us today to discuss your customized service program. Our flexible turnkey solutions are perfectly positioned to ensure your NEDs meet the highest quality standards with Chroma behind your optics testing breakthroughs.