The Key to EV Maintenance & Service: Battery Pack Inspection Technology

05 Mar 2019

As the price of battery continues to decrease, the market begins to grow and the electric vehicle becomes more affordable. Following the implementation of dual credits for new energy vehicles in China, the EV industry increases their production of electric vehicles as well as low-pollution fuel vehicles gathering the attention of foreign auto companies. After the successful launch of the EV, the after-sales maintenance and services become increasingly more important, especially the safety and performance inspection of the key components of the EV such as power battery/module.

Issues with the quality of the key components of EV battery packs/modules causing the EV sales prices to fall decreasing the market share and hurting the brand image remains a standing concern. However, several renowned Japanese car manufacturers have adopted the battery pack balancing automatic test system developed by Chroma to manage their batteries. In addition, any electric vehicles that are over 5 years old are sold to developing countries to maintain high standards and to ensure the newest technology to consumers. Furthermore, the automated test system (ATS) tests the status of the battery cell in the battery pack (both in and out of warranty) using charge and discharge control to perform DCIR and capacitance inspection for lifespan determination. The test results will show if the battery pack or cells need to be replaced. Once they are replaced, the battery pack balancing ATS can be used to perform voltage equalization test; the test system can monitor the battery cell voltage and temperature for long hours in real time. The ATS can also connect to the car manufacturers’ safety control system linking the controls of the two systems.

Chroma Battery Pack Balance ATS
▲Battery Pack Balancing ATS

Chroma offers a variety of equipment to meet the power battery testing needs assisting the automakers to complete products verification via long hour battery pack charge/discharge test solution. Its fully automatic test programs reduce the troublesome operations that used to be performed by the user.

Battery Pack / Module Test Solution