Chroma Announces Key EV Components Test Solutions in TAITRONICS

09 Oct 2018

Joint Exhibition of Electric Vehicle, Power Battery, Photovoltaic Energy Storage, and 8K Test Solutions

The flourishing EV industry drives the demand for high power and electronic related key components/ modules, battery cells and modules test equipment. Chroma ATE Inc. will be displaying and demonstrating test solutions across electric vehicles, power batteries, photovoltaic energy storage, and 8K inspection at TAITRONICS 2018, which will take place from Oct.9 ~ 12 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 (Booth No. J0130).

Chroma's Debut of The Electric Scooter Charging Station and Charging Compatibility Test Platform

Chroma will exhibit the electric scooter charging station and charging compatibility test platform in compliance with Taiwanese specifications unveiling the outcome of research and trial run tests conducted by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), SOIC (ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center), and eTreego. The test platform can simulate the charging station/electric scooter in normal/abnormal charge condition mode to assist manufacturers in product development and also assures quality before shipment. The platform can also perform various measurements such as protection, timing, and communication protocol, etc. All communication and test data can be stored for query and report printout. This platform improves the charging safety and penetration rate of electric scooters in Taiwan.

Chroma 17208M-6-30 Programmable Charge/Discharge Tester with High Precision is a Designed for Small and Medium Power Type Batteries Applications

The new Chroma 17208M-6-30 is a high accuracy (±0.02% of F.S.) programmable charge and discharge tester (6V/30A 8 channels) built with 4 current ranges. It is the best test solution for energy storage products such as battery cells, super capacitors, and lithium ion capacitors. It also has excellent output and measurement stability that can accurately apply voltage and current test signal to measure subtle differences in the analyte, such as incremental capacity analysis and coulomb efficiency analysis, etc. The fast output response and high frequency sampling features can be used to perform dynamic waveform testing and characteristic analysis. The professional battery test software provides users flexible test plan arrangement with multiple safety protection, chamber control, and automatic export of test data, etc., giving users the best laboratory solution.

Chroma 87001 Cell Simulator: An Effective Tool for Validating Battery Management Systems (BMS)

The Chroma 87001 Battery Cell Simulator can be used in place of lithium-ion battery cells to provide a safe and reliable testing environment. The equipment can be used to validate the cell supervising circuit (CSC) with active and passive balance circuit. The 87001 Battery Cell Simulator is a high precision, programmable, and bidirectional DC power source that can set the voltage and current limit respectively via software. It is suitable for battery management system application of electric vehicles, electric motors, hand tools, and energy storage batteries.

Chroma Bidirectional DC Power Supply and Regenerative DC Electronic Load

The 62000D Series bidirectional DC power supplies and 63700 Series regenerative DC electronic loads are Chroma’s latest electronic load products. The regenerative function provides users with energy saving of up to 90% and is eco-friendly because it lowers carbon emission. 62000D and 63700 Series have high power density with 3U height and a maximum power of 15kW to 150kW when paralleled; the maximum operation voltage is 1800V. Users are able to control the 63700 products remotely via standard USB, LAN, or optional GPIB and CAN interfaces.

The main features of 62000D and 63700 Series are the compact form factor compared to the traditional DC power supplies and electronic loads and lower thermal dissipation reducing the temperature of the testing environment. Therefore, the 62000D and 63700 Series are suitable for test applications of EV batteries discharging, photovoltaic array, charger station, high power supplies aging, OBC/BOBC reliability, energy storage system and fuel cell generator, etc.

Chroma's High Voltage Solar Array Simulator & Grid Simulator for PV/PCS Testing

The development of photovoltaic systems is heading towards high voltage power generation with an advanced battery energy storage system. Commercial photovoltaic power generation and energy storage requirements are growing fast and demanding grid-connected high voltage 600VLL/690VLL/800VLL systems to reduce the cost of AC wiring and improve the efficiency of power generation systems. The latest high voltage 1800V Solar Array Simulator, 1000V Battery Simulator and 866VLL Regenerative Grid Simulators with regenerative AC load capability can simulate the rectified load and phase lead/lag mode with phase angle setting ranging from 90 degree ~ -90 degree. The simulators are also able to simulate the corresponding voltage and current condition under inductive and capacitive type loads. They are suitable for PV inverters, power conversion systems, and micro-grid power simulation system applications.

Chroma 19501-K Partial Discharge Tester for High Voltage Semiconductor Components and High Insulation Materials Testing

The Chroma 19501-K is an instrument integrated with hipot testing and partial discharge detection functions. For semiconductor components such as optocouplers and power supply transistors, and the safety components for power systems, partial discharge may cause damage to the insulation material and result in personal safety problems due to insulation failure; it has become a safety issue to be addressed. For example, the IEC 60747-5-5 standard for optocoupler components mandates 100% production testing and requires the partial discharge (PD) values to be less than 5pC.

Chroma 11210 Battery Cell Insulation Tester – Capable of Filtering Out Defective Products before Filling the Electrolyte

The Chroma 11210 Battery Cell Insulation Tester can accurately measure the leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance (IR) of Battery Jelly-roll/Dry-cell or other insulation material. Furthermore, it can detect if there is any partial discharge/flashover occurring inside during high voltage detection, and filter out defective products before filling the electrolyte to prevent potential hazards. The traditional insulation test for battery core only measures the leakage current at the final test stage to determine if the insulation state is good. It does not detect if any partial discharge is occurred during the whole test. Compared to the traditional insulation test method, the Chroma 11210 provides a brand new concept for detecting the battery quality.

Chroma 19311 Battery Cell Surge Tester – A Fast Test for the Insulation Quality of Lead-Acid Battery Cell

The Chroma 19311 Series Battery Cell Surge Tester is designed for testing the insulation quality between the positive and negative plates of the lead-acid battery cell. This is done by applying a high voltage surge/impulse before the electrolyte injection. Its output voltage can reach up to 6kV. It also has four terminal measurement and 200MHz sampling rate. In addition, it can detect the difference of the insulation quality by analyzing the resonant waveform. The main purposes of testing the lead-acid battery cell by the high voltage surge test before the electrolyte injection are checking whether the insulation distance between the positive and negative plates is enough, checking whether the insulation quality between the positive and negative plates is good, checking whether the separator between the positive and negative plates exists, and checking whether the positive and negative plates are not short together. This surge test can detect the defective lead acid battery with poor insulation quality, and increase the insulation quality of the lead-acid battery cell. The test speed of the multi-cell scanning test by 19311-10 is extremely efficient, saving test time, decreasing labor costs, and increasing the productivity of the production line.

Chroma 2238 & 2918 Supports 12G-SDI, USB-C, V-by-One, and eDP Signal Interfaces for 4K UHD /8K SHV Test Solution

To meet the new 4K/8K video test requirements, Chroma has released two signal modules, A223800 12G-SDI and A223804 USB-C, to support the various signal  standards in the display industry when used with Chroma 2238 Video Pattern Generator. The A223800 12G-SDI signal module supports 8K ultra high resolution output that has built in over 240 standard SDI timings. The A223804 USB-C signal module supports USB data pass-through transmission, PD (power delivery), and 4K DP (DisplayPort Alternate Mode) video test functions. For flat panel display market, Chroma simultaneously released A291802 16 lane V-by-One and A291803 8.1G eDP signal modules that can be integrated into the Chroma 2918 FPD Tester for use. The modular designed FPD tester supports synchronous output up to 8K@120Hz resolution providing users the most comprehensive 8K Ultra HD test solution.