Chroma Collaborates with Industry, Academia, and Research Organizations to Setup the Cornerstone for Electric Scooter Development

09 Oct 2018

The development of fast-charging systems for the electric scooter has led the Taiwanese government to drive electrification for the new scooters to sell in 2035. Chroma has collaborated with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), SOIC (ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center), and eTreego to unveil research results of the “Electric Scooter Charging Station and Charging Compatibility Test Platform” on Oct. 9 at TAITRONICS 2018.

The electric scooter charging station and charging compatibility test system presented by Chroma is compliant with the “Electric Scooter Fixed Conductive Charging System Industrial Standard” set up by ITRI. It can simulate the charging station/electric scooter in normal/abnormal charge condition to assist manufacturers in product development and assure quality before shipment. ITRI drafted the test regulations to verify the technology, and enhanced the product certification capability. With the support of the Department of Industrial Technology under Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chroma, SOIC, and ITRI developed the charging interface simulator for this system. Together with eTreego’s capability in designing and developing charging communication modules and charging piles, this research can greatly contribute to improving the charging safety and penetration rate of electric scooters in Taiwan.

Charging infrastructure is the key factor for the popularity of electric vehicles (scooters). With policy support and complete setup of laws and regulations, there is a great potential for domestic EV market. Chroma has been cultivating green energy for many years and has made great achievements in testing the EV key components such as on-board charger, AC/DC charging station, power battery, battery management system and motor stator, etc. These test solutions have been adopted by the main EV manufacturers and well-known testing laboratories both domestic and abroad. The first electric scooter charging station and charging compatibility test platform that meets the requirements of domestic testing regulations has extended another business opportunity for Chroma.

▲Chroma collaborated with ITRI, SOIC and eTreego to unveil
the “Electric Scooter Charging Station and Charging Compatibility Test Platform”

From left to right: Larry Chang/Division Director of Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Labs. in ITRI, William Chang/Executive Assistant of GM Office in Chroma ATE Inc., Ginpin Jian/GM of eTreego, Shean-Kweng Chou, Ph.D/Vice President of SOIC and Hsiang Wei Ho/Specialist in Department of Industrial Technology of Ministry of Economic Affairs