EPISTAR Corp. adopts Chroma’s LED Power Driver ATS Solution

24 Jun 2013

The professional LED chip manufacturer - EPISTAR CORPORATION has adopted the LED automatic test system provided by Chroma to enhance the LED product advantage by simulating and testing the LED power electrical properties of various types.

The LED by its energy-saving and environmental-friendly attributes is generally considered to be the mainstream of next generation lighting technology. The Governments of each country are optimistic about this technology and have devoted considerable resources in development and research. As the LED application market is expanding gradually, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have also actively involved in developing and manufacturing the LED lighting as well as its related equipment. Chroma ATE Inc. with more than two decades of testing experiences in power supply field has launched the LED Power Driver Total Test Solution to keep abreast of the time. The main reason for the life cycle of LED lighting is often shorter than it alleged is because of the variable quality of LED power. Thus, it is necessary to input/output all parameters to the UUT and perform detail and thorough inspection to ensure the quality and life of LED lighting products.

The LED Power Driver ATS provided by Chroma are equipped with the following standard equipment.

  • Programmable AC Source: It can simulate the change of the Mains to verify if the LED power capable of coping with the impact of electricity change. 
  • LED Load Simulator: The unique innovated LED mode can simulate the actual features of various LED to verify the LED power and match the type to light up the LED correctly. 
  • Digital Power Meter: As the LED lighting itself means green product with energy-saving and environmental protection features, it is better that the input standby power, power factor and efficiency are compliant with the Energy Star standard. The digital power meter of Chroma can comply with the measurement requirements of Energy Star to ensure the accuracy of input power parameters.

Furthermore, the flexible software control platform with built-in standard test items is most suitable for R&D, product verification and quality inspection that can apply to the production line to support testing multiple LED powers at one time and increase the factory production performance significantly.

Chroma LED Power Driver ATS Solution