White Paper for Download: Implementation of 48V DC Input Ripple Immunity Testing

07 Aug 2020

In order to meet the increasing power demand, 48V DC power sources are introduced in data centers, base stations, automotive electronics, and LED lighting. To raise a few examples, a well-known IT manufacturer has publicly announced the application and cost advantages of 48V in its data centers; car manufacturers use 48V power distribution technology for light-duty hybrid vehicles; and LED panel manufacturers use 48V power distribution to improve efficiency, and reduce wire size and weight.

The overall power consumption environment mostly comes from the 50Hz / 60Hz grid. Therefore, when the product is applied and developed, its power must pass through a conversion device to convert the AC mains power to DC power. However, in practice, the AC noise in the DC power output often cannot be completely eliminated, resulting in a so-called DC ripple. In digital circuits, ripple is like noise in the power supply, which can easily cause the logic circuit to malfunction and then affect the product's performance and life. To ensure the quality and stability of products in various fields, their power port needs to pass the DC input ripple immunity test.

Chroma 61509 Programmable AC Source complies with the IEC 61000-4-17 standard and provides a complete solution for 48V DC ripple immunity testing. The standard takes the rectifier system as the basis and uses multiples of different mains frequencies and ripple voltage peak-to-peak percentages as conditions to form multiple test combinations. Chroma 61509 is equipped with both AC and DC output modes; especially for the DC output, it has accurate compensation technology. For all the items and combinations in the regulations, the advanced functional List Mode can program accurate 48V DC ripple waveforms, to let users easily complete this immunity test.

▲Using Chroma 61509 AC Source to Program IEC 61000-4-17 
Standard Defined 48V DC Ripple Waveforms

White Paper: Implementation of IEC 61000-4-17 DC Ripple Immunity Test Standard with Chroma 61509 Programmable AC Source

This document discusses the IEC 61000-4-17 standard on ripple on DC input immunity test, shows the calculation method for the test waveform parameters, and provides the operation screens, actual measurements, and supplementary instructions to use the Chroma 61509 AC Power Supply for a 48V DC ripple immunity test.

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