Experience Chroma's New Test Solutions at TAITRONICS

15 Oct 2020

Chroma ATE will exhibit the latest test solutions for power supplies, batteries, electric vehicles, and energy storage at the Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS). Are you unable to visit in person? TAITRONICS invites you for digital participation in this grand event, so that you still can enjoy the industry seminars and forums, new product launches, and online exhibitions.

Chroma Regenerative Grid Simulator Leads the Industry in Power Density

Chroma 61800 series regenerative grid simulators added three new models, 61809/61812/61815, which have only a 3U height but can provide power rating up to 15kVA. Besides this market-leading power density, the outstanding hardware capabilities include single phase and 3-phase output, 350 VLN wide output voltage range, 100% DC output, 200V~480V universal voltage input, and a completely regenerative function to save operational costs. Besides grid simulation for IT power or electrical commercial products, the new 61800 models can be applied to applications in green energy products including PV inverters, energy storage systems (ESS), power conditioning systems (PCS), micro grids, power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL), electric vehicle power supply equipment (EVSE), on-board chargers (OBC) and bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC).

Chroma EV Propulsion System Realizes Power Level HIL Testing

The new Chroma 1210 E-Propulsion Test System and Chroma 8610 Battery Pack Power HIL Testbed have integrated testing capabilities for new energy vehicle powertrain and battery pack-related components, including the motor, motor controller, transmission system, battery pack, and module. This test solution supports Altair Activate and various Simulink-based real-time models import, to approach Digital Twin technology in the field of EV testing. Combined with Chroma's source, load and battery cycler, it implements power level simulation and real output. Chroma EV Propulsion System Power HIL test solution so can realize dynamic simulation of real vehicle operating conditions while it also can simulate the system's abnormal state and perform a failure mode analysis. This will help to both greatly reduce product development risks and improve test efficiency.

Chroma 17040 Prevails as the Best Tool for Battery System Testing

Chroma 17040 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System can output 1000V high voltage and up to 600kW power. It offers design verification, incoming and outgoing inspection, production testing, and product certification obtainment of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in energy storage solutions. During frequency modulation of the battery system, the test system simulates the charging/discharging behavior of the power conditioner to the battery system, and simultaneously detects the voltage changes of each string of battery cells. Chroma 17040 is the best tool for battery system testing as it detects defects in its assembly quality, while it successfully avoids overcharging or overdischarging battery cells as that would shorten the cycle life of the battery system.

Chroma 17010 Offers All New Professional Battery LEx Software

Chroma 17010 Charge and Discharge Test System is designed for lithium-ion battery cells reliability testing. The 0~6V voltage and 200μA~1200A current ranges have a voltage accuracy of up to ±0.015% of F.S. and can automatically switch the current range to maintain the test accuracy up to ±0.02% of F.S. The global hardware protection ensures safety and reduces test risks. Based on the test needs, you can choose either a series with current output 200μA~60A, low output noise and fast current response, or a discharge energy recovery series with low energy consumption and up to 100A~1200A current output. The brand-new Battery LEx software can realize recipes sharing through a multi-layer edit structure and independent establishment of a DUT database, and channel grouping management makes the test status clearer. Chroma 17010 brings more flexible, convenient, and intelligent charging and discharging test operations to achieve high-efficiency test plans.

Chroma 11210 Detects PD and Insulation in Li-ion Cells before Filling

Chroma 11210 Battery Cell Insulation Tester is specially designed for detecting abnormal insulation of lithium-ion battery cells. The test device has a unique function that detects partial discharge (PD) or flashover, which may have occurred inside the insulation material during the high voltage insulation testing process. This function filters out lithium-ion dry cells with insufficient effective insulation distance before electrolyte filling, so as to prevent potential defective products from entering the next stage of production or even the end market. Chroma 11210 takes the safety of electronic and electrical products driven by lithium-ion batteries to a new level.

Chroma 19311 Ensures the Insulation Quality of the Laser Trimming Cut for the Metal Film Resistor

The metal film resistors are commonly used in the electrical fields such as EV, charger, solar power/electric power conversion/inversion, and feedback/control circuits, etc. for the voltage/current controlling or reading, or the voltage/current divider. The resistance value of the metal film resistor can be very precise because the resistance value can be adjusted by the laser trimming cut. How to ensure that the metal film resistor will not be deteriorated/degraded by the poor insulation quality or insufficient insulation distance of the laser trimming cut under the normal working conditions, which can cause the safety issue/accident in the EV or other green energy applications, will be an important issue. Chroma 19311 can provide an impulse test, which has a high enough voltage (max. 6kV) to check the insulation distance of the laser trimming cut, and a short enough duration (< 160uS) to not affect the quality of the metal film resistor. It tests whether the insulation quality or the insulation distance of the laser trimming cut is good enough or not, which ensures the long-term reliability of the metal film resistor.

Chroma 19501-K Detects PD between Power Semiconductor Components and Heat Sink

The development of power semiconductor components in new green energy applications has attracted much attention. Examples include EV, solar photovoltaics, and other large operating currents and high-demand voltage switching. Besides good heat dissipation, it is also necessary to consider the insulation withstand voltage between the heat sink. The most important issue is how to ensure that the power semiconductor components do not have continuous partial discharge (PD in pC) under normal working conditions, which would cause safety and quality concerns. Chroma 19501-K Partial Discharge Tester accurately detects whether power semiconductor components have any partial discharge (PD in pC) under high-voltage operation and checks their long-term quality and reliability.

TAITRONICS Taipei International Electronics Show will take place from October 21 to 23, 2020. Chroma ATE will exhibit multiple test solutions in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 (Booth: J0410). We sincerely invite you to experience the newest trends in testing and look forward to seeing you at the event!

Visit virtual event at https://virtual.taitronics.tw/

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