Chroma CCS EV Charging Test System Adopted by Major U.S. EV Manufacturer

02 Nov 2020

As the automobile industry moves towards the non-gasoline era, both the global electric vehicle market and the number of charging stations are growing rapidly. This presses the need for centrally developed EV charging standards. The currently most used charging interfaces in the market include CHAdeMO in Japan, GB/T in China, and CCS in Europe and America. Especially CCS (Combined Charging System) is strongly promoted by major European and American automakers (i.e. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, BMW, Benz, VW, and Porsche) and its influence is gradually expanding. The CCS charging interface integrates AC and DC, which can greatly reduce the space it occupies in the vehicle.

Riding the wave of this technological development, Chroma has developed a CCS charging test system. Integrating a grid simulator and battery simulator with a CCS interface simulator, it meets users' testing needs in R&D, verification, as well as in production. The test system complies with a range of international test standards, including ISO 15118, DIN 70121/122, and SAE J1772. The open software and hardware platform allows customized services as to help users efficiently solve their specific test-related issues.

Because of its excellent performance, Chroma's test system has already been put to use at the production line of a major American EV manufacturer for end-of-line (EOL) testing of the charging function. The automaker officially announced its first electric vehicle in September and expects to launch this EV in the second quarter of 2021. With high voltage/high current characteristics, it maintains that, after only a 20-minute charge, the EV is able to run 480 kilometers. The Chroma system can edit test items in advance to complete all tests and generate reports at the touch of a single button. With traceability control and greatly improved test efficiency, the system can keep a close check on the charging performance of your electric vehicles before they leave the factory.

Unification of charging standards has been a major milestone in the global development of EV and tremendously affected the market strategy of manufacturers of cars, charging stations, charging posts, et cetera. Chroma is deeply involved with cultivating key areas of EV testing. From R&D to mass production, from complete vehicles to upstream and downstream, Chroma provides turnkey test solutions in line with your testing requirements. For more information on Chroma products, please visit our website and share your testing needs through an inquiry. We are happy to be of your service.

Chroma 8000 CCS EV Charging Test System
▲Chroma 8000 CCS EV Charging Test System

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