Chroma Test Solutions Encompass Global Positioning ICs

22 Jan 2021

Hundreds of satellites support a variety of positioning and navigation services worldwide. The leading global positioning systems are GPS in the United States, GLONASS in Russia, BeiDou in China, and Galileo in Europe (the latter to be operated in 2021). Each of these four systems uses different communication frequency bands in different communication formats. We can foresee that navigation and positioning IC chips will soon support all four systems simultaneously to back up each other whenever any of the four system is unavailable so that mobile phones, automobiles, ships, and aircrafts can receive positioning signals anytime and anywhere when traveling around the world.

Chroma Group offers semiconductor test solutions that support all four major navigation systems. The Chroma 3380 VLSI test system and the Chroma 3680 SoC test system that integrated the Adivic MP5806S RF ATE Tester have a variety of different modulation and demodulation protocols built-in. These testers support positioning communication protocols, such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo, while providing standard test methods required by the positioning systems, such as phase noise, noise figure, etc.

The challenge of RF testing lies in the stability and reliability of signal connection. Chroma's RF semiconductor test solutions adopt a modular design to reduce potential damages to the RF cables in daily operations, e.g. plugging and unplugging the RF connectors, and thereby improve the overall stability and reliability. Compared with the common approach of using a golden sample, such RF test equipment offers quantitative measurement results for better quality.

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