Chroma ATE Inc. Invited to Present Paper at WCX SAE World Congress Experience

25 May 2023

SAE International's WCX is the world's foremost automotive technical conference, encompassing all aspects of modern automotive mobility. It serves as a comprehensive platform for research and development, engineering and manufacturing, testing and verification, certification and integration, as well as ensuring ongoing safety, and sustainability of automotive systems and components.

Chroma ATE Inc. had the honor of presenting a paper titled "Development and Test of ABS/TCS Controller with Dual-Axis Dynamometer HIL Platform" at the prestigious WCX SAE World Congress Experience. This opportunity allowed Chroma to showcase our cutting-edge technical knowledge and innovations. The paper described a Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) platform based on a dual-axis dynamometer for the development and validation of ABS/TCS controllers. Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) and Traction Control Systems (TCS) are essential safety features in passenger vehicles. The ABS prevents wheel lock-up during braking, while the TCS prevents wheel slippage by regulating driving power. Our real-time platform, based on a Simulink vehicle model and simulation environment, incorporates an actual drive motor, hydraulic braking system, and Chroma dual-axis dynamometer test bench. This setup provides more realistic and complex conditions compared to the traditional one-axis platform. The dual-axis architecture enables effective simulation results on two axes, allowing evaluation of control logics and performance of developed controllers on the actual drive and brake control unit. The technical category in which Chroma ATE Inc. participated was "ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle System: Simulation and Testing." The paper was delivered by Shu-Ting Liu, Product Engineer at Chroma ATE Inc., on April 20 at the WCX venue. For more information about this paper, please click here.

▲Presenter Shu-Ting Liu from Chroma ATE Inc. delivered a speech at the WCX event

Chroma ATE Inc. has nearly 40 years of practical experience in the industry, and has been competitive in electric vehicle (EV) industry for many years setting up long-term relationships with many well-known car OEMs and key Tier 1 suppliers. Furthermore, Chroma has comprehensive test solutions for battery cells, battery modules, battery packs, battery management system (BMS), on-board chargers, DC/DC converters, EVSE, wireless charger, electrical safety, and the dynamometer test bench system that can be integrated with vehicle models to achieve Power HIL testing functionality. Chroma has branch offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, China and Southeast Asia, chartered to fulfill and surpass global customers' needs with high value-added service.

At Chroma, we believe in the truth of measurements and the trust of partnerships. Using the most advanced solutions, we test and measure the quality of clients' products with ambition of making them better, more effective, and ultimately thriving in the marketplace. By delivering truth in constructive, open, and trusted partnerships, we enable the development of innovative products for the betterment of society and the world.
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