Chroma Foundation Awards Scholarships to Promote Youth Education

02 Feb 2024

The Chroma Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging young students to strive for academic excellence and recognizing those who excel in specific fields, today held its 2023 Chroma Education Scholarship award ceremony. Held during the students' winter break, the ceremony aimed to publicly commend the winning students.

"Chroma's corporate culture is one of proactivity and courage in all tasks," said Paul Ying, Chairman of the Chroma Foundation. "We encourage every colleague to take the initiative, face challenges bravely, and to grow continuously through this process, which is the only way to lasting success. This is why we established the Chroma Foundation and set up the Chroma Education Scholarship. We hope that students will be affirmed and grow during the process of vying for the scholarship. This year, there were a total of 47 recipients, including both the children of Chroma ATE colleagues and those from the broader Chroma Group. We believe that more students will come to receive the Chroma Education Scholarship in the future."

The award ceremony was held at the Chroma headquarters, with senior executives personally presenting the certificates. Students also generously expressed their thankfulness and shared about their learning process. One student expressed doubt about whether calculus, which they are currently studying, will really be useful in the future.

Ishih Tseng, President of Chroma's Integrated Systems BU, explained that calculus will be of great use in the future indeed. Mathematics are the foundation of technological development, just like in Chroma's core business of measurement technology. "In order for technology to progress, we first need to know how to measure it," he said.

At Chroma, we believe in the truth of measurements and the trust of partnerships. Using the most advanced solutions, we test and measure the quality of clients' products with ambition of making them better, more effective, and ultimately thriving in the marketplace.
By delivering truth in constructive, open, and trusted partnerships, we enable the development of innovative products for the betterment of society and the world.

Advancing Excellence

▲Group photo from the 2023 Chroma Education Scholarship award ceremony