Chroma Combines UDS and BMS to Provide Fully Automated Verification for Battery Packs

22 May 2019

The UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services) commonly used in the automotive industry defines the independent requirements of the data link layer for land vehicles. The ISO 14229 protocol used by the UDS is adopted by many battery pack manufacturers. This technology controls and monitors the battery pack status via the CAN bus signal generated from the diagnostic tool by the UDS Service ID (SID). There are 26 service identifiers defined in the ISO 14229; however, only 7 of them are frequently used.

The Chroma 17020 and 17020E are multi-channel battery charge and discharge test systems embedded with both VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) behavior simulation as well as diagnostic service ID sending functions. When the test button is pressed or the DUT (device under test) barcode is scanned, the test system automatically powers on the DUTs in sequence, unlocks the battery pack, and opens the relay. The entire operating procedure runs automatically and independently, eliminating the trouble of unlocking and connecting the DUTs one by one. When the battery pack charges and discharges, besides using the software to control the thermal cabinet temperature and humidity, the diagnostic service ID also reads data returned by the Battery Management System (BMS) and the diagnostic trouble code (DTC), which can be used as protection parameters during the test. This comprehensively monitors the battery pack’s charging and discharging process, so ensuring the safety of testing. When the test is ended, it will inform the user of the test results and generate the report automatically. The charge and discharge test data will combine the data retrieved by diagnostic service ID from the BMS and the occurred DTC if any into the report. A complete automated test process is achieved, so that there is no need to spend extra time organizing the test data.

The Chroma 17020 and 17020E Regenerative Battery Pack Test Systems are high precision machines specifically developed for testing secondary batteries. With the combination of Chroma's system integration capabilities and the Service IDs (SIDs) of UDS, the fully automated charge and discharge test system is suitable for battery pack durability testing, incoming and outgoing products inspection, design verification, and manufacturing testing. As complicated tests should avoid using many separate products to perform testing and verifications, utilizing Chroma testing solution in the production process can improve the efficiency, lower down the cost, and reduce errors and risks.

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