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LCR Meter / Auto Transformer Test System
LCR Meter / Auto Transformer Test System

Precision LCR Meter Model 1062A/1075

Key Features:
  • Test frequency : 20Hz ~ 200kHz, 0.2% programmable test frequency (1075)
  • Test frequency : 40Hz ~ 200kHz, 30 Steps (1062A)
  • Basic accuracy : 0.1%
  • 3 different output impedance modes, measurement results are compatible with other well-know LCR meters
  • High resolution (0.01mΩ) and high accuracy 0.3% till 400mΩ range are the right tool for low inductance
  • Large capacitance, and low impedance component measuring
  • Single-function keys, clear LED display, easy to operate
  • 0.01mΩ~99.999mΩ wide measurement range with 5 digits resolution
  • Optional Handler & GPIB interface
  • 8 bin sorting and bin sum count function (1075)
  • Primary parameter: HI/GO/LO and secondary parameter: GO/NG judge result (1062A)
  • Alarm for GO/NG judge result
  • L/C/R/Z nominal value, upper limit %, lower limit %, Q/D/R/θ limit setting display (1062A)
  • 10 bins sorting and bin sum count function (1075)
  • Test signal level monitor function

The 1062A/1075 LCR Meters are the measurement instruments for passive components. They are applicable to the automatic manufacturers for passive components in material inspection and production line. This series of LCR Meters can fully fulfill the fast and accurate requirements for automatic production. The functions of 8-level counting, pass/fail judgment, and 10 sets of internal save and recall settings meet the production line requirements for speed and quality, thus make this series of LCR Metes the best measurement instruments for material and production line inspection for passive components.