Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma Provides Services to Integrate Li-ion Battery Charger & Discharge System with Thermal Chamber in Compliance with ISO12405 Standards

The Environmental Testing Lab. of Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) was e...

Solar Array Simulation SoftPanel for Dynamic Shadowed I-V Curve Simulation Up to 4096 Data Points

The PV Array and PV Inverter are two major parts of a photovoltaic power generation sys...

Chroma Group Turns 30

Nov. 8, 2014 - Taoyuan, Taiwan The Chroma group is celebrating its 30 years anniversar...

Chroma cooperates with Wujiang Laboratory of Battery Products to Extend Battery Testing Projects for Quality Check on Li-batteries

The Wujiang laboratory of battery products, a unit under Wujiang Entry-Exit Inspection ...

Chroma Provides Complete Test Solution for Quick Charge 2.0

Currently, high-definition display, high-speed internet access and multi-core processor...

Chroma 8700 ATS Solution Not only an Automatic Test System, but also a tool to guard battery life and performance

Along with the continuous progress of battery technology, more and more possibilities a...

Chroma 66202 Power Meter meets household and office equipment measurement of low power consumption requirements

EN 50564 (derived from IEC 62301) is the latest standard for defining requirements for ...

Chroma Introduces High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU)-Model 52405e series

Chroma ATE, _disibledevent= 3.125uSec 6 wire connection, ± Force, ± Sens...

600Amp Battery Cell Driving Track Simulation / Discharge Energy Recycle Test Equipment

xEV is _disibledevent="../../product/list/battery_test_solution.htm">http://www.chromaa...

Chroma’s Wound Component Analyzer Combines Many Tests

Chroma ATE Inc., announces the industry’s first Wound Component Electrical Safety...

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