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Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)

Fast Easy Player Model FEP

Key Features:
  • Broadcast through Wi-Fi
  • Log in on web browser
  • Modularize interface setting /Flexibly adjust layout
  • Integrate multiple ways to connect external database
  • Voluntarily define the chart and diagram
  • Platform controls the area and setting of each screen


FEP 設定安裝
  • Connect the display devices through HDMI
  • Internal Android platform on AP
  • Fast hardware setup
  • Setup can be finished under environment with Wi-Fi
  • Connect to database easily


FEP 前面介面
  • With functions of display of dashboard,scrolling text, bulletin board,pictures rotator, date, time, weather,embedded web page and etc
  • Voluntarily adjust the layout according to actual needs
  • Multiple templates can be set at the same time, and display on different monitors


FEP 圖片維護
  • User can easily upload pictures by dragging
  • Create a group upon existed folders
  • Support different formats of pictures
  • Set pictures display sequence and time interval

System Architecture- Establish eKanban through Wi-Fi

System Architecture- Establish eKanban through Wi-Fi The new generation of Chroma eKanban solution integrates HDMI interface and different kinds of digital display monitors under Android platform. It helps to deliver real-time information to display monitors through Wi-Fi in factories. Moreover, it is easy to set up the layout configuration on Web interface so as to upload and broadcast real-time kanban information to factories, hospitals, retail stores, and public environments, providing the best choice of visual management solution.

Factory Layout- One platform can manage all the kanbans

Factory Layout- One platform can manage all the kanbans Chroma FEP can establish new kanban according to different area configurations, setting up template through one single managing platform. Each functional module can be configured by dragging. The configurable functions include picture files, weather information, clock, scrolling text, dashboard, char t and diagram, bulletin board, table, and embedded web page, providing managers integrated kanban information.