Chroma ATE Inc.

PGC and Chroma committed to closer cooperation

by deploying Chroma 3650 test systems to lower down overall SoC test cost and expand productivity

(Taipei News) The PGC (Progate Group Corporation), which has 20 years of IC design service experiences, recently announced to work in closer cooperation with the leading T&M equipment manufacture, Chroma ATE Corp. PGC selects Chroma 3650 as the platform to test the consumer electronic products as well as other devices and gains excellent usage effects and benefits. Chroma 3650 equips with completed test modules such as logic module, ADC/DAC module, ALPG memory module, high voltage/current module and SCAN module that can reduce the product development time and the test cost for mass production significantly. With the purchase of Chroma 3650 platform, PGC is not only increasing the production capacity, multifunctional testing capability for final tests and wafer sort, but also capable of providing customers high quality and low cost products to meet the demand of the price sensitive market nowadays.

The general manager of PGC, Fred Lai, indicated that as SoC technology migrates to 40nm/28nm, not only the IC design is getting more and more difficult, but also the IC test and verification cost more time than the design and development. For IC testing, the technical challenges and cost associated it are increased, accordingly. Thus, how to help our customers to resolve and break through the technological bottleneck of IC tests has become the most important issue that the IC design manufacturers of today have to address. In addition to the implementation of various design tools such as DFT (Design for Test), ATPG, Memory-BIST and Boundary Scan for use in the design phase, PGC also continues to invest on full set of SoC test and verification systems.

"In order to provide customers the most professionally and worry free test services, PGC strengthens the self-owned test equipment to lower down the total test cost directly. Also, under the trend of integration technology for diversified but small volume SoC products, Chroma 3650 platform is selected to integrate the application development and service support of Chroma that can enhance our competition advantages in the market with better production performance." PGC GM, Fred Lai, further pointed out.

"It is Chroma’s goals to create added values and provide excellent service as well as optimized automated test equipment to our customers persistently,” George Chang, the Sales Director of Chroma, said. “With the closer cooperation, Chroma has worked with PGC successfully transferring several products to 3650 into mass production. It proves that the 3650 is able to show the advantages of competitive pricing and improved performance. We commit to support high quality and complete services, along with competitive products continuously to PGC and other customers to assist them to gain greater success in their market."

About PGC
Established in 1991, PGC has 20 years experiences in IC design service industry and headquartered in Neihu Technology Park in Taipei. To extend business and service for customers in Japan and Korea, a branch office is setup in Yokohama, Japan in 2006. PGC has dedicated in the turnkey solution for SOC/ASIC design from the very beginning and has become the first ASIC design service provider and the first ASIC strategic partner of TSMC in IC Design Center Alliance (DCA).

PGC has its own clean room (class1000). It also has several ATE systems such as Agilent 93000, Chroma 3650 and Credence D-10. PGC provides complete test environment (C/P, F/T, FA…etc.) to cover from program development, engineering verification to mass production, with the capacity of C/P up to 8000 pcs wafers and F/T up to 8 millions units per month. PGC has taped-out successfully more than 980 projects for hundreds of customers and has produced hundred millions of IC, tens of thousands wafers. In 2008, PGC has used 90nm manufacturing technology and completed several ICs. There are some Platform ASIC design in and have taped out several 65nm projects in 2010. PGC will provide 40nm ASIC design since 2011 Q2. For more information, please visit PGC’s website at

About Chroma
Chroma ATE Inc., founded in 1984 and headquartered in Taiwan, is a world leading own brand supplier of Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE). Chroma's mission is to provide turnkey test and automation solutions with precision, reliability, and uniqueness for technology industries.

The focal points of Chroma are tests and measurements on power electronics, passive components, electrical safety, video & color, LCD/LCM, automotive electronics, and semiconductor industries. More importantly, Chroma also drives itself toward clean technology by providing testing solutions in photovoltaic, LED, Li-battery, power battery pack, electric vehicles and other emerging new eco-industries.

To ensure its leading technology, Chroma devotes significant amount of investment and resource to research and development each year. Numerous patents have been applied and granted for innovative technologies to sustain company's future growth and leading competitive advantages. Core technologies in power electronics, optics, and manufacturing execution system (MES) have been the cornerstones for Chroma to move forward to various new frontiers by delivering innovative test solutions to satisfy our customers' up-coming demands.

Chroma’s headquarters is located in Taoyuan, Hwa-Ya Technology Park, with engineering service offices worldwide including China, Europe, Taiwan and United States. For more information please visit company website: