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Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Selects Chroma’s Automated Testing Solution to Validate AC/DC Charging Stations for EV

Recent electric bus fires in southern China have increased public concern for the safety of EV charging systems. The subsequent investigation indicates that “overcharging” triggered the fire due to thermal runaway on power batteries and short circuits caused by electrolyte leakage. Battery management system (BMS) communication problems between the charging system and the EV power batteries may be a major factor in these incidents. To increase the safety and popularity of charging facilities and promote the development of further EV infrastructure, a complete charging station test system is essential to ensure charging safety and to enhance users’ confidence in the technology.

With the nationwide progress in electric vehicle development, Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co., Ltd. invested both manpower and advanced detection equipment for testing charging stations. Recently, KETOP completed the AC/DC charging station testing and inspection work to strictly control product quality for many domestic industries. To satisfy test requirements, the Chroma 8000 ATS is adapted to perform product testing based on the GB/T20234 and GB/T18487 national standards.

In addition to providing precise and reliable measurement data, the ATS is capable of automatically generating reports after tests are completed in order to improve efficiency. The 8000 ATS not only has functions for electrical characteristics testing, it can also perform communication protocol testing in order to comply with the GB/T27930 national standards. It can output power and communicate simultaneously while simulating a real charging station. This process verifies that a charging station interrupts communication when a magnetic field is created during large power transmission events. Simultaneously, the ATS can simulate the charging station safeguards for Open/Short/CC1 signal voltage changes on various signal lines during charging, and record the response to the checked out communication problems. The Chroma 8000 is the only EV charging station test system on the market that combines both power and communications testing abilities. In addition, KETOP and Chroma are also cooperating in the development and implementation of testing skills and technologies for PV inverter, power switch testing, and more.

Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent legal entity derived from “State Relay Protection and Automation of Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” and “State Smart Micro-grid Control Equipment and System Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”. It is a third-party testing organization of state products quality supervision department that is dedicated to studying the inspection and testing methods for power system secondary protection devices and smart micro-grids. KETOP is capable of providing authoritative testing solutions and services to assure the quality of power system products. Under the government and guidance of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) and China Machinery Industry Federation, KETOP also takes on the product quality supervision and random check tasks for imported products. After years of construction, KETOP Testing Technology has equipped well social resources and technical strength that made it influential to the power system industries in China and overseas.

Chroma keeps creating innovative testing solutions for new energy-related industries including solar energy, micro-grid energy storage and many key components of EV. The testing solutions available for Car Chargers, DC/DC Converters and Vehicle Control Units have been adopted by the main EV manufacturers and well-known testing laboratories both domestic and abroad. For more information about our testing solutions for EV key components, please visit our company website:


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