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Chroma’s Semiconductor Testing Solutions Welcome the New Era of 5G

As applications with 5G, AI, and IoT flourish, demands for advanced semiconductor technology have also increased dramatically. From research and development to mass production, Chroma offers a wide variety of complete semiconductor testing equipment to fit your UUT (unit-under-test) testing needs.

SuperSizer In-Line Nanoparticles Monitoring System

Semiconductor technology continues to develop rapidly and demands strict manufacturing and product control. All the way from the supplier’s raw material, production, storage, and distribution to the customer’s inspection, storage, preprocessing, and eventually use, no faults are allowed. Chroma SuperSizer series monitors the killer particles from wet chemicals to prevent killer defects from forming on the wafers in the first place. It is completely free from bubble interference and highly efficient in detecting small particles; it can accurately differentiate size and distribution of particles as small as 3 nm! The system works 24/7 for real-time monitoring of nanoparticles in the sub-20 nm range and so increases the processing yields of semiconductor fabrications.

Advanced SoC/Analog Test Systems

Chroma 3680 high precision/high performance SoC testing systems provides up to 2048 I/O channels with an individual data rate of up to 1Gbps, up to 512 parallel tests capability, and 512M Word test data memory, so forming an economic solution that satisfies complex SoC testing needs.

The integrable HDAVO (High Density Audio Video Option) has 8 arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) output channels and 8 digitizer (DGT) receiving channels per board with sampling rates up to 400Msps for each AWG and 250Msps for each DGT. Its high specifications, low cost and multi-functionality make the HDAVO suitable for a wide range of mixed signals tests, such as 5G broadband, video, audio, graphics, STB, and DTV. The CRISPro software environment allows you to edit or debug test programs quickly and easily via a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Additionally, the supported concurrent testing function reduces the test time and speeds up production.

Complete PXIe Testing Platform

Along with the progress in semiconductor technology, its test systems need to integrate all sorts of features in ever-smaller devices; which is precisely what PXI and PXIe platforms can offer. Chroma launched the 33011, 33020, and 33021 PXIe cards for semiconductor tests. The 33011 series offers a universal relay control necessary for semiconductor load boards, the 33020 is a device power supply (DPS) with 8 channels per card, and the 33021 gives up to 48V DC output with 2 channels. Combined with the 33010 digital IO card, this forms the automated test equipment (ATE) for a complete PXIe platform. Moreover, when integrated with the Chroma CRAFT software, the PXIe-based ATE provides semiconductor tools for the entire process, from development to mass production and statistical analysis.

Radio Frequency ATE Testing

Chroma’s semiconductor test equipment can be perfectly integrated with the Adivic MP5806 to expend the equipment into a complete RF ATE testing solution, as it already is used and verified by customers. The MP5806 supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, GPS/BeiDou and other (IoT) signal standards and Tuner & PA applications. Its broadband VSG/VSA module with 300KHz~6GHz full-frequency coverage can be widely used to cover future wireless standards.

Advanced Packaging Optical Metrology Systems

With semiconductor components becoming more compact, the critical dimensions (CD) that need to be measured also become smaller and smaller. For the next generation CD measurements, Chroma introduces the 7505 series semiconductor advanced packaging optical metrology systems. It uses white light interferometry to analyze the CD, overlay, and thickness and the large scanning area takes wafers up to 12 inch. The wafers do not need pre-processing for these nondestructive and rapid surface profile measurements. The 7505 series provide fast autofocus algorithms and large area pictures stitch functions, can perform auto tests using measurement recipes, and is suitable for R&D, fabs, production, and product verification units.

At the exhibition, we will show the Chroma 7503 3D optical profiler that is the core of the 7505 white light interferometry to demonstrate its powerful measurement capabilities on a variety of surface parameters, such as sectional differences, angle, area, dimension, roughness, waviness, film thickness, and flatness.

Safety Check for High Voltage Semiconductor Components

When put to use in new energy applications such as electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage, power semiconductor components require high voltage switching. Take the working principle of an EV motor driver; under normal operation, a voltage surge higher than the battery voltage will occur in the circuit. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the influence of continuous partial discharge caused by such surges on the components’ long-term operational reliability. Chroma’s 19501-K Partial Discharge Tester guards the quality of your semiconductor components by checking for any partial discharge (PD in pC) when they work under high voltage.

At the 2019 edition of SEMICON Taiwan (Sep. 18-20), Chroma will be at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1F (booth: K3080) to showcase the latest in semiconductor test solutions. We sincerely invite you to come experience these new developments and we are looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition!

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