SoC Test System
VLSI Test System
IC Pick & Place Handler
Visual Inspection System

Chroma provides a wide portfolio of semiconductor IC test solutions ranging from ATE, PXI systems, IC handlers, and system level test solutions.

On the ATE & PXI side, the solutions cover applications in consumer SoC (MCU, controller, audio, peripheral), power management IC (Regulator, LDO, DC/DC, AC/DC, LED Driver), RF (FEM, Connectivity, Mobile) and other specific applications (CIS, Light Sensors, RFID).

On the handler & automatic system side, the solutions include thermal control, extreme device handling technologies, bare die handling, pick and place handlers, CIS turnkey solutions, and system level test solutions.

With the turnkey solutions, Chroma provides a best approach for customers to bring down the cost of test while maintaining the test quality and performance.