Human Rights

Chroma strictly abides by the local laws and regulations of our operation sites around the world. We respect and underwrite the internationally recognized norms for human rights, including the International Bill of Human Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact, and the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We respect each and every employee, contractor, and temporary worker and treat them with dignity.

Scope of Application

Chroma’s policies on human rights are devoted to our employees, suppliers, partners, and our surrounding environment, enabling us to reduce risks to human rights through corporate effort or to alleviate the impact of human rights incidents through remedial measures. These policies apply to both the Chroma Group as well as our reinvestment businesses.

Human Rights Commitment

1. We firmly believe that the protection of human rights is a keystone for sustainable business operations.
2. We take human rights issues into consideration in all aspects of our operations.
3. We facilitate open communication channels for our stakeholders.

Management Mechanism

(1) Formulated relevant management policies and procedures in accordance with relevant laws and international human rights conventions.
Chroma enacts codes of conduct and a handbook for employees, compliant with relevant labor laws and international labor and human rights conventions. Employees and managers can reference these guidelines on the intranet platform. Chroma respects equal opportunities for employment and career development, and will not discriminate personnel in any form due to gender, race, thinking, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, employee ranking, nationality, or age. We provide a working environment in which employees are safe and valued. Chroma abides by labor laws and prohibits child labor or illegal labor, forced labor, sexual harassment, or any illegal infringements in the workplace.

(2) Established internal complaint channels to properly respond to complaints and suggestions from employees.
Chroma has a mailbox and hotline dedicated to complaints from employees. Upon receiving a complaint, the HR Division will communicate it with the head of the relevant department or set up a task force to properly handle the issue.

(3) Provided employees with a safe and healthy working environment, and implemented safety and health training on a regular basis.
Chroma provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment that complies with laws and regulations on environmental protection. Proper management and technical applications effectively prevent environmental pollution. The company offers regular health checks to employees, and incorporates safety and health education into the training courses for new employees.

(4) Established communication mechanisms for employees, and informed them of operational changes that may significantly impact employees.
Chroma holds regular meetings to disseminate business results, future strategic developments, and major operational changes. The company publishes the corporate business philosophy as well as the latest operational data and changes in real time through the intranet platform.

(5) Promoted comprehensive training programs for employees' career development.
Chroma provides employees with career blueprints and establishes comprehensive training programs based on their professions in order to advance career development. At the same time, the employee compensation policy appropriately reflects both the business performance as well as individual performance. This ensures the recruitment, retention, and encouragement of our work force to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Chroma ATE Inc. - Human Rights

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