Chroma Dashboard for Real-Time Integration of All Production Data

19 Jan 2021

The manufacturing industry reached another major milestone in this era of smart manufacturing. Let production equipment connect to the Internet, integrate a variety of machine data onto the dashboard, and achieve fast and intelligent data analysis.

Chroma's Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can capture all kinds of operation data of the equipment, and provide scheduled maintenance and warning mechanisms. Whether it is an older machine without networking capability or the newest equipment with a specific communication format, Chroma can integrate a wide diversity of equipment connections through its Equipment Automation Program (EAP) modules. This will not only reduce the amount of manual labor and personnel errors, but also achieve real-time Kanban management to quickly retrieve the current production status. Through the highly accurate Fast Dashboard Player (FDP), the system can quickly integrate various types of data, instantly transmit and communicate all information, intuitively and interactively present the operation performance, fully master strategies in real time, and help business decision-makers to predict risks ahead of time. With Chroma MES and FDP, you can take the full lead over operations.

Chroma's FDP displays relevant information such as production efficiency, availability, preventive machine maintenance, abnormality alarms, factory environment monitoring, etc. It is able to record and optimize the equipment's utilization rate, stay on top of tool statuses, and provide the most optimal maintenance schedules. The newest version of the Chroma FDP has undergone five major improvements:

  1. Panel design has expanded from 6 to 20 charts, supporting more diverse layouts.
  2. The dashboard contains more detailed configuration parameters to improve the flexibility of layout style in appearance.
  3. The new responsive web design allows for easy operation of the user interface on PC, tablet, mobile phone, and on different platforms (iOS, Android).
  4. Additional maintenance functions for monitoring can embed the monitoring equipment with live streaming images onto the Kanban interface to oversee the on-site conditions in real time.
  5. Newly added interactive Kanban functions interconnect through the multi-level interface for multi-level Kanban differentiation.

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