Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Model 98019

Key Features
  • Fast Dashboard Player (FDP)
  • Intelligent Equipment Management System (iEMS)
  • Traceability
  • WIP Control
  • Equipment /PLC Automatic Connectivity
  • Expert Quality Control System
  • Manufacturing Equipment Management
  • Real-Time Report
  • Mobile App Real-Time Queries and Notifications
  • Chroma i-Learning

*Chroma Sajet MES .NET2019 version can execute with Oracle Database 11gR2 / Oracle Linux 6.5 / Oracle Linux 7.

 Intelligent Manufacturing System Solutions - CHROMA SAJET MES

Sajet MES is the Manufacturing Execution System from the hat of the Chroma Group's IMS business unit. Implementing Industry 4.0 practices and technology allowed Chroma to achieve intelligent manufacturing. Modern factories are developing towards automated production, with MES playing the core role of integrated automation. Traditional MES are limited to data collection and report analysis, and gradually cannot meet manufacturing needs in this rapidly evolving era. Chroma Sajet MES not only covers this traditional scope of MES, but also includes functions such as CIM, EAP, machine connection, and integrated robotic arms, among others. Chroma Sajet MES achieves to automatically control the entire factory and obtain large amounts of data for analysis in real time, so improving product quality and customer satisfaction, reducing production costs, increasing production capacity, and fulfilling traceability of the entire process.


 Chroma Sajet MES Advantages - Combining Automation and Integration Technologies

Rich Experience

  • Over 400 medium and large-sized manufacturers adopted our products.
  • Our seasoned MES consultants with abundant consulting and engineering experience ensure a correct assessment and successful implementation.

Mature Product Technology

  • As a veteran Oracle MES certified partner, we carry a sophisticated database technology.
  • Capable of processing data for super large factories, we support with the stable operation of enterprise systems.

Global Service

  • Chroma ATE is a public Taiwanese company with branches in America, Europe, and East and Southeast Asia, providing the best support to customers who seek factory initiation or expansion.

Integrated Solutions

  • Providing complete automated test systems and integrated solutions, we merge R&D resources of the Chroma Group with myriad automated test and measurement products.

Flexible Modular Expansion

  • Modular application enables easy integrating of new modules and maintenance, with user-defined online actions and processes.
  • Systems use various data collection methods, such as wireless PDAs and barcode readers, and can integrate many test instruments and programs.

Convenient System Management

  • Applications provide the latest three-tire structure as well as easy version upgrade and database.
  • Software supports multilingual switch, multi-factory management, permission control, and shared schemes for batch and item management.


 Smart Factory Functional Modules - Modularized Applications and Flexible Expansion of New Modules Solve the Production Bottlenecks in Each Industry

Complete Production Process - Traceability

The manufacturing process information contained in Chroma Sajet MES can assist the factory to process work orders, monitor workstations, track and manage inventory as well as to conduct quality inspection and exception conditions management. The details provided allow users to find the lot number, delivery date, and quantity of passive components used in a supplied product. It can also use the lot number to trace back the shipped products, locations, and quantities as to efficiently reduce the loss caused by defect components. The traceability features can rapidly find material or process problems, a necessary tool for factory management.。


Full Production Infomation Monitoring - WIP Control

Sajet MES provides a variety of WIP reports, which can manage and route all production activities in real time. It controls the quantity of yield and defective goods, manages processed products, calculates the pass-through rate, and gathers the complete production records. Chroma Sajet MES fully steers the product line information to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.

▲ WIP Monitoring Interface

▲ Production Routing


Flexible Routing Management - LOT Control

Sajet MES also offers a flexible process management. Users can plan different routes for different products, and at the same time support different demands of control targets, including products, work orders, lots, and components. Easily construct the production patterns used in different industries through the multi-level combination of equipment, workstations, processes, products, etc. The diverse tracking interfaces meet the needs of various industries and provide early warning and exception handling mechanisms as to control exceptions efficiently.

▲ Tracking Interface

▲ Process Management Interface


Real-time APP Reports - Yield Rate Report, WIP Report

Chroma Sajet MES incorporates its top-rated powerful MES database technology with real-time data connection to administer every work item precisely. Chroma’s unique report generator provides full report query and instant report generation. Various mobile devices like smart phone, PDA and tablets can be used to examine the report and get an immediate snapshot of the factory status. Not only easy to maintain, Sajet MES can also be integrated into the BI (Business Intelligence) system so that managers can view thorough reports of the production line.


 CHROMA SAJET MES – Structure of Smart Factory

Chroma is not only a supplier of professional MES solutions, but also a global leader in measurement instrumentation and system integration. In addition to combining the existing R&D resources in the Chroma Group, Chroma Sajet MES has the ability to connect with various devices, providing a comprehensive automated information integration solution for both hardware and software. As factory manufacturing continues to evolve toward automation, Chroma Sajet MES will upgrade constantly to fulfill customer requirements for sustainable development and service.



 Systems and Functional Modules

MES basic modules mainly contain basic modeling, product setting, permission control, management and traceability of production stations, and report display.

Basic Modules Description
Data Center Sets up basic information including factory ID, production line ID, process, workstation, test item, and device.
W/O Manager Establishes the work order; changes statuses; and assigns the production schedule. 
Barcode Center Sets up serial number coding rules; automatically extends number sequence; and integrates with label editing software to print labels.
Terminal Gateway Service (TGS) Collects data; controls devices; edits production behavior; and monitors workstation statuses.
Repair Records the causes of abnormalities; reports responsibilities; ranks defects; and lists details of parts replacement.
Rework Defines the rework schedule based on production conditions; controls skip station, parts disassembly and repackaging.
Quality Control Defines the batch, inspection item, and AQL parameters; and records the measured values by the inputted serial number.
Packing Sets the package specification and automatically generates the box number; prints the labels by production line; and connects with the weighing machine.
R/C Manager Sets out the batch R/C number, the layout design, and batch separation/combination based on the work order.
Report Customizes the report development tools as desired; provides standard report formats per industry.


The optional modules and peripheral systems must be imported with the basic modules and include ERP integration, shipping operation, fixture management, as well as SMT error material prevention and raw material control in the electronic assembly line. Moreover, they can perform system control of warehouse management, execute pull management of materials, and integrate production lines and warehouse information without ready connections.

Optional Modules / Peripheral System 

Fast Dashboard Player (FDP) Provides a web-based management interface with customizable kanban style; and plays its contents using a wireless receiver.
Electronic Standard Operating Process (eSOP) Supplies electronic SOP for production line operators, connective with the MES system; and displays the current model SOP immediately when the user scans the barcode.
Intelligent Equipment Management System (iEMS)
include calibration, verification and repair management
Provides equipment maintenance planning and calibration management; monitors the equipment’s status; and calculates the utilization rate through a factory layout diagram.
ERP/MES Interface Integrates with multiple ERPs by providing an intermediate layer to define the exchange data fields, frequencies, and conditions.
Incoming Quality Control (IQC)   Records the raw material quantity and quantitative statistics; and defines the inspection rules.
Material Requirement System Personnel can notify the warehouse through a mobile device to distribute materials, based on the material consumption status.
Material Movement and Pull System (MMPS) Automatically reminds the warehouse to distribute material through the AGV, based on the material consumption status.
Material Warehouse Generates labels for raw material; prompts for first-in-first-out; and manages expiration dates.
Warehouse Management System (WMS) Provides basic warehouse management functions including receiving, warehousing, dispatching, FIFO, allocation, storage, return management; and integrates ERP documents for inventory synchronization.
Enterprise Warehouse Management System (EWMS) Provides complete warehouse management functions including receiving, warehousing, dispatching, FIFO, allocation, storage, return management, excess materials requisition, scrapping, automatic feeding, freezing, inventory age, shipping management; and integrates ERP documents for inventory synchronization.
SMT Auxiliary Material (Solder Paste, Red Glue, Moisture Sensitive Devices) Management Tracks and manages the use of SMT auxiliary materials to avoid abnormalities in product quality caused by the use of unqualified materials on the production line.
SMT Equipment Data Analysis System Connects to the SMT equipment in the automated production line including ICT, REFLOW, and AOI; and obtains equipment data for analysis.
SMT Error-proof Material Control System Implements the workstation material tables into the system for SMT error-proof material control and tracing.
Alarm System Defines alert conditions; and sends alerts via warning devices, emails, and text message.
Tooling Manager Sets the serial and sequence numbers of fixtures and tools; and forms usage time and count control mechanisms.
Aging test System Integrates a variety of different aging test equipment; and analyzes the retrieved data.
WIP IN/OUT Collects incoming and outgoing batch data; defines conditions for process, parameters, and workstation pass through.
Work Hour System Calculates labor productivity and efficiency, working hours, abnormal working hours, actual production hours, etc.
Real-time SPC Integrates MES test results from each workstation into SPC charts, with instant SPC monitoring.
Shipping Integrates ERP shipping orders; and records shipment details via wireless devices.
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Integrates multiple CNC equipment to automatically send programs by MES; and collects workstation data in real time.
ANDON System Intuitively issues error signals to relevant units when abnormalities are caused by humans, equipment, materials, regulations, or the environment.
App Report Provides iOS and Android versions of the report app with customizable report access permissions, conditions, and fields.
Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Single sites provide application, acceptance, inspection, maintenance, warranty period, packaging and shipping procedure for product repair services.
Global RMA System Supports multiple sites for repair services and spare parts inventory; and assists in constructing a product after-sales service and maintenance record system.
Cloud barcode printing platform Instantly dispenses material barcodes from the supplier to the customer, based on their material requirements, through the cloud-printing platform; and immediately pastes the barcode labels during shipping.


Automated equipment models can be imported both independently of or combined with basic modules. They contain comprehensive management and control of automation equipment on the production line, including data collection, recipe management, and kanban display.

Automated Equipment Modules Description
Equipment Automation Program (EAP), Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Integrates all kinds of automation equipment in the production line; and supports multiple communication protocols, such as OPC UA.SECS/GEM.RV.MODB US.RD232/485/422 etc.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Obtains the OEE status in real time, to help the supervisor solve problems instantly and to improve the efficiency of the factory equipment.
Formation Management System (FMS) Provides a battery cell measurement equipment integration platform, including recipe management, real-time monitoring, and grading rules setup.
Recipe Management System (RMS) Manages the recipes, parameters, and versions for products and equipment.
Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) Manager The unmanned handling system integrates an auto delivery system to control the recipe versions of automated production devices, programs, or parameters.
Pick to light Prompts a light signal to automatically notify the storage location of the material to be picked, based on the stock preparation request from the electronic rack.


 Complete Hardware Integrated Solution Satisfies Various Needs

Integration of Various Devices

☑ Various test equipment of Chroma
☑ Manufacturing database online control program development and implementation

Automatic Equipment

☑ Automatic labeling machine, laser engraving machine, etc.
☑ Fully automatic test equipment solution

Smart Logistic Equipment

☑ Labeling Machine
☑ Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Industrial Network Peripherals

☑ Data collector, IPC
☑ TCP/IP, RS232, USB signal converter, etc.

Barcode Printing Device and Sensor Switch

☑ Long/short range optical switching system
☑ Various industrial barcode printer

Optical Scanning

☑ Various handheld 1 & 2 dimension gun type barcode scanner
☑ RFID Reader, fixed barcode scanner system, etc.

Mobile Application Management Devices

☑ PDA, Tablet Computer, smart watch (iOS/Windows/Android)
☑ Wireless Scanner, wireless Terminal, etc.

Display Device Management

☑ Various production efficiency dashboards
☑ Factory notice dashboard, Pick To Light, etc.

Other Electro mechanics and Factory Device

☑ Temperature controller, electronic scale
☑ PLC, connectable device (Scanner), etc.

More information please check on SAJET MES Datasheet

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