Chroma Products Honored at 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award

26 Nov 2021

Chroma ATE has won big at the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award with prizes for a range of Chroma products. Regarded as the Oscar awards of the Taiwanese industry, the Ministry of Economic Affairs asks experts across industry fields to identify which products deserve the title Taiwan Excellence based on research and development, design, quality, and marketing. As Chroma leads the development of new technologies, our latest award-winning products cover prevailing applications for semiconductors, sustainable power, next-generation displays, and biomedicine.

Chroma 3680 Advanced SoC/Analog Test System is designed for the newest System-on-Chip (SoC) and System-in-Package applications. The test equipment supports integration of optional instruments with a variety of functions and achieves simultaneous testing of power supply (DPS/PMU), digital pattern, memory, mixed signal (AWG and Digitizer), as well as RF wireless communication. Chroma 3680 is more energy efficient than common semiconductor test products and does not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment. Our manufacturing processes and facilities are also strictly in line with the current environmental guidelines.

Chroma 61815 Regenerative Grid Simulator has only 3U height but has 15kVA output power capability and demonstrates industry-leading high power density design and technological innovation. Chroma 61815 can simulate single-phase or three-phase AC voltage and frequency conform to grid systems around the world for testing of EV, PV inverter, and Smart Grid products under various voltage conditions. Moreover, Chroma 61815 accepts reverse rated apparent power with highly efficient regenerative conversion back to the grid, thereby saving both costs and energy.

Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe delivers advanced digital signal processing and optoelectronic conversion technology as well as precision optical parts and circuit design to perform high-speed, accurate, and stable color tests on display panels. The 0.001 ~ 6,000cd/m2 wide luminance range and ≤ ±0.002 highly accurate chromaticity measurements meet the test requirements of high-end DisplayHDR 1400 as set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for the display industry.

MagXtract® 3200 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System is an open platform, fully automated system that integrates nucleic acid extraction and PCR preparation functions. From samples to PCR plates, this system greatly simplifies test procedures and improves efficiency, while the high degree of automation brings standardized and accurate test results and reduces the risk of infection to personnel.

Chroma stays ahead of emerging technologies and provides innovative test & automation turnkey solutions for customers to ensure the performance, quality, and success of their products.

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