Chroma ATE to Showcase AI Semiconductor Test Solutions at SEMICON China 2024

20 Mar 2024

Behind Every SEMICONDUCTOR Breakthrough

Chroma ATE is gearing up to participate in SEMICON China 2024, where the company will showcase a range of innovative semiconductor test solutions focused on tackling the ever-evolving needs in AI, High Performance Computing (HPC) chipset, automotive, and AIoT applications.

Advanced SoC/Analog Test Solutions

The Chroma 3650-S2 SoC/Analog Test System meets today's high voltage, high current, and complex digital control requirements for power IC testing. Offering up to 768 power or digital I/O pins, up to 3000V or 320A power supply capability, 200Mbps data rate, and 300ps EPA, this is an ideal choice for testing lithium battery management ICs, power management ICs (PMIC), and GaN and SiC-related power ICs.

The Chroma 3680 Advanced SoC Test System effectively meets the testing needs of cutting-edge chips used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automotive technologies. This system offers up to 2048 digital channels, data rates up to 1Gbps, and support for up to 16G SCAN vector storage depth. High-precision AD/DA test modules with 110dB SNR and -120dBc THD are available, as well as various test modules for concurrent digital pattern, parametric measurement unit (PMU), device power supply (DPS), memory, mixed signal (AWG and digitizer), and RF signal testing.

RF Chip Test Solutions

The Chroma 3680/3380/3300 ATE Test Systems integrate the ADIVIC MP5806S, providing a complete RF chip test solution successfully validated for mass production through broad customer adoption. Featuring S Parameter & Noise Figure functions for comprehensive testing of components such as FEM/PA/Switch/LNA, the systems support IoT communication standards such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, GPS/BeiDou, and Tuner applications, with ultra-wideband VSG/VSA modules covering 300K-6GHz. The 3680 HDRF2, launched in 2024, brings even higher integration to the MP5806 and 3680, featuring 32 RF ports, 4 VST RF functions, and the capability to provide a multi-site and direct-mount RF test solution.

Ultra-Low Temperature Test Solution

The Chroma A310002 Ultra-Low-Temperature Test System offers a stable Tri-Temp test temperature range of -70 to 150℃ and a power dissipation capacity of up to 1,000W, ideal for a range of rigorous temperature tests. Combined with the Chroma 3200 Versatile SLT Test Platform, it provides a multi-station SLT test platform for use in production lines, and can be paired with the CVOT (Chroma Virtual Operation Tools) software tool for easy access to production information and yield optimization. Chroma's ultra-low temperature test solution can meet the needs of industries such as automotive semiconductor ICs, AI and data centers, graphics processors (GPU), accelerated processing units (APU), high-performance computing (HPC), aerospace, and defense. Designed to ensure that chips can operate without issues in harsh environments, this is an optimal choice for product reliability testing.

2D/3D Wafer Metrology Systems

Chroma 7980 and 7981 are designed for precise and nanoscale 2D/3D measurement of critical dimensions (CD). Powered by Chroma's patented measurement integration technology BLiSTM, these systems achieve sub-nanometer resolution. 7980 and 7981 provide algorithms and UI developed specifically for advanced packaging applications, integrating specially designed platforms to achieve high-speed measurement and rapid auto-focus, non-contact surface profile analysis; they also feature large-area stitching capability to meet various application needs. Already successfully adopted by various industry-leading customers, Chroma 7980 and 7981 offer a proven solution for applications such as TSV/VIA, RDL, Probe Mark, Overlay, Sub-μm, Surface Profile, and more.

SEMICON China 2024 will be held from March 20-22 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Make sure to drop by Chroma's Booth N4631 in Hall N4 to experience the latest breakthroughs in test and measurement technology. We look forward to connecting with you.