Chroma 17091 Battery Test Monitoring System (BTMS) Enhances Lab Equipment Usability and Test Efficiency

17 May 2024

Battery testing often involves spending substantial amounts of time verifying battery stability and performance. Testing personnel need to regularly inspect the testing progress on-site and take appropriate actions when necessary. As the scope of applications expands, batteries need to be adaptable to an increasingly diverse range of usage scenarios. Seeking to cope with highly diversified testing needs, many battery labs find themselves populated with a sprawl of standalone charge and discharge test systems. This brings along issues in terms of usage and management, and test recipe management in particular. Therefore, battery laboratories are constantly seeking ways to make it easier for personnel to manage test recipes, observe test conditions, and keep track of lab equipment operations. 

The Chroma 17091 Battery Test Monitoring System (BTMS) offers a cost-effective and manpower-saving solution to enhance the utilization of battery laboratory equipment and improve testing efficiency. 

The Chroma 17091 BTMS features three main characteristics:

Centralized Recipe Management: no more hassle with maintaining individual test systems

Saving recipes in individual systems has always been a headache for engineers, requiring repetitive data maintenance and resulting in consistency issues. By managing test recipes through the 17091 BTMS, recipes edited at the editing station can be run on any equipment within the group, alleviating the trouble of maintaining recipes across multiple test systems.


① Edit the recipe on the editing workstation
② Download and execute the recipe on the test station


Remote Viewing and Control: reduce time spent traveling between equipment sites

The 17091 BTMS offers remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to conveniently view the operating status of equipment channels as well as important readings like I, V, and T. If necessary, users can directly control channel operations remotely, including pausing, resuming, and stopping tests. Users can also remotely monitor or set temperature and humidity values for chambers. This remote control functionality significantly reduces the time spent traveling to the equipment site to check test statuses.


① Display channel execution status
② Control channel pause, reset, stop


Real-time Monitoring Dashboard: keep track of overall equipment operations

The battery testing systems in the laboratory constantly report the status of each channel's test. Through the 17091 BTMS, this information is aggregated and displayed on a real-time monitoring dashboard. This enables management personnel to clearly see the usage status of each charge-discharge system and chamber, and grasp the usage status statistics for the equipment and channels. When abnormalities occur, the dashboard can quickly prompt warning messages and issue audible alerts.


① Equipment status display
② Equipment/channel usage status statistics
③ Chamber temperature and humidity display
④ Group channel status statistics information
⑤ Abnormal channel list
⑥ Warning message


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