Battery Test Monitoring System Model 17091

Key Features
  • Web-based application
  • Centralized management
  • Equipment group management
  • Remote control and real-time monitoring

Main Functionalities

  • Test managemen
    • Centralized recipe management
    • Maintenance of DUT information
    • Equipment registration and group settings
    • Remote control of test stations
    • Chamber status monitoring
  • Permission management
    • Account maintenance
    • Role-based permission maintenance
    • Project-based permission management
  • Real-time dashboard


  • Battery laboratories

Battery laboratories conduct numerous testing tasks every day. As the scope of applications expands, batteries need to be adaptable to an increasingly diverse range of usage scenarios. Seeking to cope with highly diversified testing needs, many battery labs find themselves populated with an ever-growing sprawl of standalone charge and discharge test systems. This brings along issues in terms of usage and management, and test recipe management in particular; maintaining consistency between versions while ensuring easy maintenance remains a vexing issue for engineers.

Battery testing often involves spending substantial amounts of time verifying battery stability and performance. Testing personnel need to regularly inspect the testing progress on-site and take appropriate actions when necessary. Two key factors can cut down time spent by personnel traveling back and forth to inspect the testing site: convenient observation of battery test conditions and real-time monitoring of overall lab equipment operations during testing.

Chroma 17091 Battery Test Monitoring System (BTMS) serves as an upper-level system for battery lab test equipment, focusing on recipe management and convenient test monitoring to enhance the usability of laboratory equipment and the efficiency of testing tasks. Users operate the system through a browser connection to the Chroma 17091 BTMS service, facilitating client-side installation and maintenance. The BTMS centrally manages recipes, DUT information, user accounts, and permissions, addressing the challenges users face in individually maintaining each test system.

Additionally, Chroma 17091 BTMS features a real-time monitoring solution that allows users to remotely monitor test progress from their seats or from a control room, providing them with instant access to the operational status of the entirety of the lab's charge-discharge systems and chambers. Built-in functions for equipment group management and statistics offer users a clear understanding of the capacity and usage of various systems, serving as a solid basis for lab equipment planning and configuration.

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Battery Test Monitoring System

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